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Fifties Fashion…

After years of austerity during World War II, the following era could be characterised by the revival of Haute Couture.  The structured square shoulders and shorter skirts of the war years were replaced with the softer feminine silhouette, rounded shoulders and… Read more

Newcastle Improved Industrial Dwellings

I wonder how many of those who now live in the Garth Heads student accommodation know the history of this listed building. During the 19th century concern grew about the poor conditions that many working class families lived under in… Read more

Bob Renaut Blog No. 2 – Guest blog by South Shields Museum & Art Gallery Volunteers Jean and Wendy

Bob was born on 8 April 1944, unfortunately only seven months after his father was killed on active duty as a Pilot Warrant Officer in the RAF. He attended South Shields Boy’s Grammar School, where he received school colours for… Read more

Discover Fashion (and fabulous dresses!)

I’ve just finished working on a redisplay of one of the cases in the Fashion Works gallery at Discovery Museum. It showcases the work of students, past and present, from Northumbria University fashion courses. We really wanted to use a… Read more