Posts by date: June 2014

South Tyneside during the First World War

I am a MA Art Museum and Gallery Studies student at Newcastle University, as part of my degree I am completing an eight week work placement at South Shields Museum. It is coming up to the last week of my… Read more

Sounds of Benwell

The cobbler, the banger and the pigeons. ‘The ear is indolent and dull’, used to say Theodor Adorno in his essays about music. You can’t prevent yourself from listening to sounds; listening is such a passive activity. Sometimes it’s so… Read more

‘Audrey, next time I’ll come, I want you to remember me, OK?’

Audrey is around 85, she generally prefers to sit quietly in her wheelchair, but there are occasions when she speaks up; every time she speaks up, words become precious. The residents who live at Linskill Park Extra Care Scheme range… Read more

George Horton Exhibition

I am a Newcastle University student working towards a MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies: Curatorship.As part of my studies, I am on an eight-week work placement at South Shields Museum and Art Gallery, where I will be developing… Read more

The wildlife illustrations of Edward Lear

Nowadays nearly all of us own a camera. They are often built in to our mobile phones. We can take photos of whatever we want, whenever we want. It is the age of the ‘selfie’, national photographic competitions such as… Read more