Posts by date: July 2011

Bronze Age Burial

A request came in from Newcastle University to look at the human remains from the Bronze Age that we have in our collections for a project on Bronze Age burials. This required having a detailed look at some of the… Read more

Recent discoveries from the Sunderland shipbuilding archives project

I am delighted to announce that work has started on the ‘We ‘Mak’em’ Sunderland Shipbuilding archives project. This is the first in a series of blogs that will report on the project’s progress and highlight any exciting discoveries I make.… Read more

Why put a compass up a pole?

Not to help the dancers find their way! Over the past year I’ve been working with the Sunderland ship model and ship portrait collections. In that time I’ve become unnaturally interested in a feature of some Sunderland-built ships from the… Read more

Loading Gauge found to be unsafe and is removed from site for conservation works.

When the recent landscape improvements at Monkwearmouth Station Museum uncovered the loading gauge to full view again, thoughts turned to conserving both it and also the railway signal. (Read more in my previous blog post here). Appropriate repairs and a… Read more

Museums don’t just collect the ‘old stuff’…

My colleague Graham Bradshaw is currently managing a project called Science & Society. The aim is to accession objects into the collection that reflect the important role science plays in our lives today. Following discussions with our colleagues over the… Read more