Posts by date: July 2015

Seaside Shields: North and South Marine Parks

Hello everyone! This is my first blog in a series of five dedicated to the seaside tourism of South Shields, to link with the ‘Seaside Shields’ exhibition. This exciting, interactive display presents the seaside as both nostalgic and modern, and… Read more

Some Assembly Required

Every so often you come across a story so extraordinary that you can barely believe it really happened.  Such is the saga of the ss Baikal, which I stumbled upon whilst innocently cataloguing a box of old photographs… By 1895… Read more

A Gold Daric Coin

Sometimes the smallest objects in the museum have the most interesting stories to tell. This small gold coin, for example, was one of the most significant coins in the Ancient World. It is called a daric after the Persian King… Read more

Tyneside Men Saving Life at Sea

First World War heroes didn’t just appear on the battle field. We recently discovered a small object in our collection that tells the fascinating story of some of these home front heroes: a Tynemouth Medal, awarded for bravery in saving… Read more

First World War souvenir embroidery

During the First World War souvenir embroidery became incredibly popular, many people have in their own homes embroidered postcards from the First World War, either bought abroad and sent home to loved ones, or embroidered by the soldiers themselves.  Tyne… Read more