Posts by date: November 2012

Model Visitors

I met a lovely couple the other week.  They’d phoned to make an appointment and then travelled up from Down South especially to see one of our ship models, the ss Newton Ash.  We have over 600 ship models in our collection… Read more

Bye Bye Fashion Works

Since this is my first blog post on the TWAM website I thought I’d write about something I cared a lot about and that is the deinstallation of the Fashion Works gallery on the second floor of Discovery Museum. Popular… Read more

A new find at Arbeia Roman Fort

A team of volunteers who worked with the Archaeology team at Arbeia Roman Fort recently uncovered a new Roman find. Alex Croom, Keeper of Archaeology at Arbeia, tells us more about it in this short film. (Click on the image to… Read more

‘Pre-Raphaelite truth to nature’ – a watercolour by John Frederick Lewis

Surrounded by tell-tale feathers, this little cat raises a paw, ready to strike again. Its prey is actually a peacock-feather fan, which a young woman is dangling teasingly above its head. Both the cat and its owner feature in an… Read more

Real or fake?

A while ago I came across this in the TWAM collections and a glance at the documentation doesn’t give many clues. It’s a slightly dubious looking Egyptian artefact with poorly engraved hieroglyphs on the back of each figure and a… Read more