Posts by date: September 2015

First World War underwear

Underwear has changed a lot in the last one hundred years, especially for women, here’s some of our First World War era under garments…….. Combinations – an all-in-one piece that combined a camisole with long drawers, an underskirt would have… Read more

Five fab websites for exploring creativity!

  Red Ted Art – this blog by a crafty mum features a section where you can search for specific crafts, and also a huge array of crafty ideas – brilliant for when you’re looking for inspiration! I particularly like the… Read more

Looking, playing and creating: early exhibition experiences

The exhibition ‘Domesticity‘ features many of the interior scenes Naomi Alexander has painted of homes around the world over the past 30 years, including paintings created as part of a recent residency in Gateshead. Here are six simple ways we… Read more

Creative Baby! begins

Having taken the first steps of developing ‘Creative Baby!’ (as described in my previous blog post) it was now time to start really thinking about the shape this exciting project would take. My aim was to help parents and babies… Read more

Creative Baby!: The beginnings of an idea…

For my first blog post, I thought I’d give you some insight into how ‘Creative Baby!’ came about. This is a new monthly group I’ve developed for babies 0-12 months, which combines an exhibition tour, crafting activity, parachute games and… Read more