First World War underwear

Underwear has changed a lot in the last one hundred years, especially for women, here’s some of our First World War era under garments……..

Combinations – an all-in-one piece that combined a camisole with long drawers, an underskirt would have been worn on top as well.

TWCMS : D2124 1919 (c)

TWCMS : D2124 1919 (c)










TWCMS : F13593 1908-1918

TWCMS : F13593 1908-1918













Camisoles – these were worn either in-between the corset and the outer garment or, for more modern women who had discarded their corsets all together, next to the skin.

TWCMS : F13552 1908-1918

TWCMS : F13570 1900-1918









TWCMS : F13557 1900-1918

TWCMS : F13557 1900-1918








TWCMS : E4145 1900-1916

TWCMS : F13556 1908-1918











Boudoir Caps – these were worn around the house to protect hairstyles.

TWCMS : H6273 1915-1920

TWCMS : H6273 1915-1920










Underskirts – These colourful underskirts or petticoats, all from a similar date, show that some women embraced the new fashions for shorter skirts that emerged during the war and others didn’t.

TWCMS : G12801 1916 (C)

TWCMS : G1071 1916 (C)









TWCMS : G598 1916 (C)

TWCMS : G1068 1916-1918

TWCMS : G599 1915-1917

TWCMS : G585 1918 (C)









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