Posts by date: March 2016

What’s the recipe for a Leonardo da Vinci drawing? Ten Drawings from the Royal Collection

How did Leonardo da Vinci go about creating the exceptional drawings currently on show at the Laing Art Gallery, lent from the Royal Collection? One of Leonardo’s main drawing materials was ink, used with a quill pen. The fluidity of… Read more

Exhibition Explorers: five surprising discoveries for the grown-ups!

The second Exhibition Explorers session took place earlier this month. We were delighted that so many of the families returned with their completed ‘Family Adventure’ page, sharing their experience of visiting a museum or gallery since the previous session. You… Read more

The changing attitude towards German migrants in Britain

A guest post by Lauren Haikney, a History student at Durham University. The advent of the First World War was a defining event in the lives of civilians as well as those in the military.  So-called ‘enemy aliens’, people who… Read more

Places to go & things to do: embarking on our Family Adventures!

At the second Exhibition Explorers session we were delighted to find so many of the group had been on a Family Adventure to a museum or gallery, and returned with their completed scrapbook page to share their discoveries. Exhibition Explorers is an… Read more

The Tube – a guest post by Michael Metcalf

When the Tube began, we had no idea that it would become such an important part of our lives.  We were a bunch of Geordies who were suddenly flying around the world and meeting the most amazing people. One of… Read more