Posts by date: August 2016

George W. Temperley and the bombardment of Scarborough in 1914 – A Guest Post by Ashleigh Jackson

My name is Ashleigh Jackson. I am a History undergraduate student from Edinburgh and I’m currently on a summer placement with the Natural History Society of Northumbria in their archives at the Great North Museum: Hancock. “This morning Scarborough was touched for… Read more

Rhythms of the Cosmos – A Guest Post by Dr Andrew Fletcher

The Great North Museum: Hancock has a small but perfectly formed planetarium on the first floor. The computer-controlled system allows us to fly through the Universe, in space and in time, choosing the best viewpoint from which to investigate all kinds… Read more

What ever happened to Saltwell Park Museum? (Part 3)

Read Whatever happened to Saltwell Park Museum? Part 1 Read Whatever happened to Saltwell Park Museum? Part 2 Here are excerpts from an article from the Newcastle Courant on 10 July, 1933 recording the opening of Gateshead’s Local & Industrial Museum (later… Read more

The New Kids In Town

If you manage to make it past thirty without making a complete idiot of yourself (and for me that particular ship sailed and promptly sank some time ago) then you quickly learn that there is nothing sadder than someone of… Read more

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: The Naturalist’s Mantra

My name is Erin Slack and I am the curatorial assistant for natural sciences at the Great North Museum: Hancock. In this blog post I want to talk about something very important to me and the work I do: Pokémon.… Read more