Posts by date: January 2014

Two James Taylors?

For my first blog post, here’s an interesting puzzle that someone out there might have an answer for. Wading through boxes of prints at the Laing Art Gallery with John Millard, looking for portraits by North-East Victorian artist Ralph Hedley,… Read more

Roll up, roll up! See the MERMAID!

Mermaids have been part of myth and legend from as early as 2000 BC and the Assyrian goddess, Atargatis. She flung herself into the sea in grief over accidentally killing her mortal lover. She wished to become a fish, but… Read more

Insults and infighting in Seventeenth Century Newcastle

Last year I wrote a short blog about a new addition to the Tyne & Wear Archives collections – an apprenticeship register of the Incorporated Company of Tailors of Newcastle upon Tyne dating from the Tudor period. The register was… Read more