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  1. Bob Elliott says:

    I am a Senior Citizen 74 years old I am involved with the Countryside Wardens
    a great fan of Time Team,I dont know what to sign up for ,perhaps you could help me Cheers Bob Elliott

  2. John Coburn says:

    Hello Bob,

    I don’t know if you’ve browsed the menu on the right hand side of the page, but maybe posts relating to Archaeology will be up your street?

    You can search through them here-

    Lots of other categories in the right hand menu might interest you as well.

    Hope that’s helped? Do let me know if you’d like more info. Happy browsing!


  3. Alice Spencer says:

    I’m journalism student currently writing an article on the development of Grey Street and Grainger Town. Is there anyone I could speak to with regards to this to get some information and quotes for my work?

  4. Bette Blaydes Pegas says:

    I am a writer working on a story inspired by a relative’s journey in steerage aboard The Themistocles in 1916. This ship was built by J. Priestman & Company in Sunderland. I need to be able to visualize the interior of the ship, what steerage looked like (sleeping compartments, numbers of steps onto the deck and to second class cabins, etc.) In short I need ship design info and/or pictures. Can anyone lead me to a source of information. If such info is not available for this ship, I would like similar info on another ship that sailed from Pyraeus, Greece in the early 1900’s. Thanks for any leads you may have–Bette

  5. marc says:


    I wonder if you could help. I am trying to find information relating to a couple of new home developments that were built in Washington in 1980’s. I was hoping that you may have some information in your Washing Development Corporation Archives. Could you let me know if you would have any material like this in the archives.

    Many Thanks

  6. Abigail Leighton says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Just to quickly introduce myself, I’m a trainee journalist working with a local radio station in the North East.
    I’m currently working on a research project for a news report, focusing around the fact that the North has a great deal of fascinating history however does not receive the attention it deserves. The point in particular, is comparing this to the South with the amount of money that is allocated to protecting archaeological finds.
    I was wondering if you would be able to tell me how many recognised archaeological and historical sites there are around the Tyne Tees region and also if you could provide me with any estimates about how many uncovered archaeological sites there are too? – As well as any other details you feel would benefit this project.
    Thank you for your time and any help given.

  7. Niall McKay-Mount says:

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone can help me track down my mothers mother. Her name started as Kathleen Miller, she lived at 253, jesmond road, Newcastle, in in the Holland household, 1939 with my grandfather Cyril Lloyd-Williams, they then moved to Bristol, but when my mum was 3 or 4 in 1944-5 Kathleen left. Mum remembers her leaving, but never coming back. she changed her name twice. First to Colman, then to Gilbert. My mother is 75 herself and really needs closure on this. If anyone can help, that would be brilliant. If you need any more info or can help, either contact myself Niall at niallmount@yahoo.co.uk or 07850459198. P.s. I have a pics of her marriage certificate to a John Milner Forster in 1932 and a couple of others including a find my past printout with the name change info from the national archives, if you need them. I just can’t attach them to this. Many thanks in advance. Niall.

  8. Maria Martin says:

    Hi – my husbands grandfather lost his life on HMS Kelly in 1941 – is there any way I can get a list of those lives lost when HMS Kelly was destroyed in 1941?

  9. Heather Gould says:

    I believe a well- known artist, Jason Skill , has created a piece of art presently in the Discovery Museum. It is a beautiful collecting box for museums and art galleries which deplores the greed of the rich and remembers the sub- prime mortgage problems.It is wonderfully decorated. Can you tell me where it has been placed so that I can visit it.

  10. admin says:

    Hi Heather

    The collecting box is on the ground floor, at the top of the ramp on the right hand side, near the shop and welcome desk. Hope you can get down to the museum to see it soon.

    best wishes
    Alison, Comms Officer

  11. Jim Bartnett says:

    Can anyone tell me anything regarding the Wellesley Hospital? It is is the Ward’s Directories for South Shields from around 1890 to 1911 as at 12, Green’s Place, which is next door to the Pilots Office which was at 11, Greens Place. From the little I have gleaned so far there was a hospital attendant in residence and the hospital was for T.S. Wellesley personnel. This appears to have been originally at “Green’s Home” in Mile End Road but must have moved when the home became “Green’s Industrial School for Boys”, taking in boys from 7-12 before they transferred to the TS Wellesley.

  12. Mary Hense says:

    At a yard sale in Florida, U.S., a friend and I bought a wintry churchyard landscape signed E. E. Taylor 1899. The painting was similar in style and composition to the Shipley Art Gallery’s painting “Landscape with a Windmill” by E. Taylor. Could the the two paintings have been painted by the same person?

    Perhaps, if Shipley Art Galley’s artist, E. Taylor, was alive and painting in 1899 and he had a middle initial E. Do you have information on the artist? I would be happy to share photos of our painting.

  13. tim kramer says:

    Do you have any pictures , drawings , sketches of the barque SOLWAY , built at Monkwearmouth Shore in 1829 by a builder name John Storey

  14. Chris Camfield says:

    Hello, I’m researching the WW2 “Archer” vehicle produced at the Vickers-Armstrong Elswick plant in 1944-45. I’m wondering if anyone has heard of a strike or unforeseen occurence (bombing?) which might have taken place in the area in July 1944.

    The production of these vehicles in Elswick starts in spring of 1944 and begins to climb, and then sharply drops in July before resuming in August. (May – 26, June – 44, July – 19, August – 51) I know that workers were allowed summer vacations but I don’t think that is likely to be the cause.

  15. K. Tripp says:

    My grandfather James Tripp ( aged 51 at the time ) was a Civil Guard at the Elswick Works in August 1915. I have no idea what this role entailed, but I have a reference written by a “F.Wilkinson” on an Elswick Works Scotswood Department memorandum recommending him for a ‘place on the police staff’. I assume Civil Guards were like the home guard in WWII, but can find no reference to them.

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