A new find at Arbeia Roman Fort

A team of volunteers who worked with the Archaeology team at Arbeia Roman Fort recently uncovered a new Roman find. Alex Croom, Keeper of Archaeology at Arbeia, tells us more about it in this short film. (Click on the image to view the film)

Arbeia Roman Fort short film about a Roman hair pin


2 Responses to A new find at Arbeia Roman Fort

  1. Cris Alvarez says:

    Ms. Pybus,

    I have a couple of questions. I am wondering if you have pictures of the Roman soldier gear found in your most recent excavations. The belts, boot hobnails, etc. I would like to post a few with some commentary on my blog. Also, what was used to smooth out the hair pin and other items made from antler and what sort of knife or instrument was used to carve the piece? Is any material applied to it for finishing purposes? Thanks.

  2. Emma Pybus says:

    Hi Cris
    Thanks for your comment. We don’t have photos of the other finds but I’ll get some taken to post here. I’ve checked with Alex Croom about the hair pin and she says that the antler was cut into pieces using a saw and then probably shaped using an iron file; polishing can be done by fish-skin or fine earth and a bit of cloth. We don’t know exactly what form of knife was used as so many were used in the Roman period. Alex recommended a book – ‘Bone, antler, ivory and horn: the technology of skeletal material since the Roman period’ by A. MacGregor which has a chapter on working bone and other materials
    I hope this helps

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