Discover Fashion (and fabulous dresses!)

I’ve just finished working on a redisplay of one of the cases in the Fashion Works gallery at Discovery Museum. It showcases the work of students, past and present, from Northumbria University fashion courses. We really wanted to use a case to show the creativity of the students in Newcastle and I think we did just that with this case.

Finished Case

The finished case features items from four ex-students from Northumbria University

Student Artwork

Artwork from the fashion students also on display in the gallery

I probably shouldn’t have a favourite but I love the ivory laser cut dress. It has no zips or buttons! To get into and out of the dress you open up the ‘flaps’ of fabric. Even the back of the dress is amazing.

Ivory dress from the front

Ivory dress from the front

Ivory dress from the back

Ivory dress from the back

I wonder if the concept will make it to the high street stores any time soon!

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