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When is a railway a railway?

Many people see the opening of the Stockton and Darlington railway in 1825 as the beginning of the railway age, but did you know that railways existed more than 200 years before or arguably even earlier? In basic terms a… Read more

The Willington Waggonway Research Programme

You may remember the remains of a section of a wooden waggonway were discovered underneath the former Neptune Shipyard not far from Segedunum Roman Fort in the summer of 2013. Before being redeveloped, the site was investigated by archaeologists due… Read more

Hudson For Ever!

Dan Snow’s History of Railways on BBC 2 recently featured the story of George Hudson (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01q7brf/Locomotion_Dan_Snows_History_of_Railways_Episode_2/) Hudson was a man who became loathed by many, especially those who lost their money when the ‘Railway Mania’ bubble burst in in the… Read more

Loading Gauge found to be unsafe and is removed from site for conservation works.

When the recent landscape improvements at Monkwearmouth Station Museum uncovered the loading gauge to full view again, thoughts turned to conserving both it and also the railway signal. (Read more in my previous blog post here). Appropriate repairs and a… Read more

A Victorian Spring at Monkwearmouth

Last autumn Peter Gibson, Duty Manager at Monkwearmouth Station Museum, decided to turn his passion for gardening into a new, interesting and beautiful contribution to the museum’s grounds.  The self-described “enthusiastic amateur” quickly drew up a plan for a traditional… Read more