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Menswear from 1900-1980

After the first installment of menswear from 1800-1900, this blog will continue exploring the styles and shapes that dominated menswear from 1900-1980. Fashion is continually updating and reinventing itself, so read on for some future fashion trends! The lounge coat… Read more

Menswear from 1800 to 1900

Costume collections are typically inundated with women’s clothes and accessories, while menswear remains to be relatively under represented. There could be many reasons for this; men tend to wear their clothes for longer eventually wearing them out and having to… Read more

Fifties Fashion…

After years of austerity during World War II, the following era could be characterised by the revival of Haute Couture.  The structured square shoulders and shorter skirts of the war years were replaced with the softer feminine silhouette, rounded shoulders and… Read more

A Roman Mobile Device, a 21st Century Chariot, some Snazzy Shoes and two Iconic Lumps

I’ve been exploring TWAM’s collections and have found some interesting and surprising things. This is one of the highlights of our Archaeology collection and is on display at Segedunum in Wallsend:- It’s a portable Roman shrine about the same size… Read more

Shoes Glorious Shoes

Originally acting as a protector of the feet, the shoe has since developed into an expression of personal identity. The decoration and design of shoes has varied dramatically through time and from culture to culture. One of the most notable… Read more