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Kith and Kin: New Glass and Ceramics Stage 2 – The ‘Crinson Jug’

The second stage of Kith and Kin: New Glass and Ceramics began at the National Glass Centre on 9th January, where a number of the exhibitors changed or augmented their displays. Read more

The first exhibit for the display arrives

Another milestone in the Wagon Refurbishment Project has been reached with the delivery of the first exhibit for the displays, other than the wagons themselves of course. It is also quite a big exhibit….a 1963 Rover P4 model 110 that… Read more

Monkwearmouth Station Museum Railway Wagon Restoration Project – The Beginning of the End!

  I am pleased to report that the conservation and refurbishment work on the wagons is now complete. The final job that had to be done, after the completion of the painting of the wagons in their LNER and NER… Read more

A Victorian Spring at Monkwearmouth

Last autumn Peter Gibson, Duty Manager at Monkwearmouth Station Museum, decided to turn his passion for gardening into a new, interesting and beautiful contribution to the museum’s grounds.  The self-described “enthusiastic amateur” quickly drew up a plan for a traditional… Read more

NUFC : For the Love of Football. It’s the final countdown

Next week we will be installing the new temporary exhibition ‘NUFC : for the Love of Football’ at Discovery Museum.  A lot of work goes into preparing temporary exhibitions from lots of different teams in the museum. Over the past few months… Read more