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The Forgotten War

To commemorate VJ Day, Conservation Officer Ana Flynn shares the story of her grandpa Harry Gregory and the long, long road home from Burma. For most, the Second World War ended on 8 May 1945 with VE Day. For my… Read more

VE Day 75 – Use of Personal Narratives

Written by Roberta Goldwater, Assistant Curator (Regimental) Charge! This week I should have been opening our temporary exhibition, ‘The Final Push’, charting the final six weeks of World War II for two of our regiments; the 13th/18th and the 15th/19th… Read more

LCT 7074 – Hebburn’s Remarkable D-Day Survivor Part 2: D-Day and Beyond

Written by Geoff Woodward, Museum Manager, North & South Tyneside. Part 1: LCT 7074 – Hebburn’s Remarkable D-Day Survivor is available to read here  At long last the mechanics seemed to have fixed the problem.  The engines were running properly,… Read more