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The Great Flood of November 1771 – guest post by Emily Needle

My name is Emily Needle. I am a 3rd year History student at Newcastle University on a work placement at the Great North Museum Hancock: Library.  I am fortunate to be able to look at and read some wonderful old… Read more

Bungling burglars and sweet-toothed thieves

Over the past six months I’ve been popping into the local studies libraries in North Shields and South Shields to look through local newspapers from the early Twentieth Century. The reason for this has been my fascination with one particular… Read more

Seaside Shields: The Town

Hello! This is my last blog post to accompany the exhibition ‘Seaside Shields’, held at South Shields Museum and Art Gallery until October 31st. I have previously explored postcards and photographs of the Beaches, Parks, Fair and Piers; now it… Read more

Seaside Shields: Sandhaven and Littlehaven Beaches

Hello again! After my previous post exploring a selection of postcards and photographs of the North and South Marine parks, we will be venturing a hundred feet or so forward right to the water’s edge. Although there were many things to… Read more

Seaside Shields: North and South Marine Parks

Hello everyone! This is my first blog in a series of five dedicated to the seaside tourism of South Shields, to link with the ‘Seaside Shields’ exhibition. This exciting, interactive display presents the seaside as both nostalgic and modern, and… Read more