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The New Kids In Town

If you manage to make it past thirty without making a complete idiot of yourself (and for me that particular ship sailed and promptly sank some time ago) then you quickly learn that there is nothing sadder than someone of… Read more

Sharing the Love…

One of the pleasures of working with an amazing museum collection is being able to share it with people, whether through our own exhibitions and behind-the-scenes store tours or by lending objects out to other museums, galleries and carefully selected… Read more

Menswear from 1900-1980

After the first installment of menswear from 1800-1900, this blog will continue exploring the styles and shapes that dominated menswear from 1900-1980. Fashion is continually updating and reinventing itself, so read on for some future fashion trends! The lounge coat… Read more

Fifties Fashion…

After years of austerity during World War II, the following era could be characterised by the revival of Haute Couture.  The structured square shoulders and shorter skirts of the war years were replaced with the softer feminine silhouette, rounded shoulders and… Read more

Sleep tight Fashion Works…

After nearly two months of unpacking, documenting and re- packing; the costume collection that was previously on display in Fashion Works, has been moved to the costume and textiles store. In the initial stages of this storage project, the items… Read more