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A foodie-themed ‘Creative Baby!’

The latest ‘Creative Baby!’ session focused on ‘Eat, Drink and Make Merry!’ – an exhibition depicting food, drink and celebration. Inspired by the music, food and costume depicted in the paintings, we presented sensory play opportunities for the babies, offering… Read more

The importance of ‘Invitations to Play’

Today I read with interest of Toddlers’ Choice at the Whitworth: a project in which toddlers were invited to vote for their favourite artwork from a selection. They were also presented with sensory play themed around the favourite artworks they’d voted for,… Read more

Creative Baby! session 2: mirrors, kitchens and crayons!

Following the positive feedback received at the first session, Jess, Lillian and I approached the second session of Creative Baby! with great excitement. This session would focus on ‘Domesticity: an exhibition of interiors by Naomi Alexander’. I had already developed various ways of engaging… Read more

Creative Baby! begins

Having taken the first steps of developing ‘Creative Baby!’ (as described in my previous blog post) it was now time to start really thinking about the shape this exciting project would take. My aim was to help parents and babies… Read more

Creative Baby!: The beginnings of an idea…

For my first blog post, I thought I’d give you some insight into how ‘Creative Baby!’ came about. This is a new monthly group I’ve developed for babies 0-12 months, which combines an exhibition tour, crafting activity, parachute games and… Read more