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Sketched in the landscape – Constable’s ‘Dedham Lock and Mill’ 1817

One of the treats for me of the Laing’s current exhibition of Sketching from Nature is Constable’s large oil study of Dedham Lock and Mill. It has such vibrancy and immediacy – we can feel that we’re looking through the artist’s… Read more

John Constable : Hampstead Heath with the House Called ‘The Salt Box’, about 1819

A bright patch of colour – a man wearing a red waistcoat – pulls our eyes out to the far right of this picture, ensuring that we don’t miss the full width of this airy panorama. It shows the view… Read more

‘Young Anglers, Barras Bridge’, painted by Thomas Miles Richardson: a picture of old Barras Mill-pond?

Thomas Miles Richardson’s idyllic scene of ‘Young Anglers, Barras Bridge, depicts a scene in Pandon Dean. Now completely obliterated, the dean was known for its beauty in the 18th and early 19th centuries. The scene can be located at Barras Mill-pond opposite the present-day Civic Centre. The picture was painted by Newcastle’s leading artist of the time, TM Richardson, senior (1784-1848). Read more