Posts by date: March 2012

Victorian Newcastle Disguised: Castle Garth

The painting on the left of this photo is Henry Hetherington Emmerson’s picture of ‘The Lost Child’, which shows Victorian Castle Garth in Newcastle – disguised as a scene from the past. It is hung next to a picture by… Read more

Victorian Newcastle: The Black Gate and Castle Garth

  The picture on the right of this photo is Ralph Hedley’s painting of ‘The Ballad Seller’, which shows the Black Gate in 1884, with a glimpse of Castle Garth in the background. It is hung next to a picture… Read more

Old apprenticeship registers discovered at Discovery Museum

As an archivist it’s always a great feeling when you receive an exciting new donation or you discover a fascinating document in your collections. I experienced that feeling earlier this week as I was working in the Discovery Museum loft… Read more