Update on the work at the Great North Museum: Hancock Library

Work is well underway at the Library to install equipment that will improve the conditions in which the old and rare books and archives in the collection are stored.

The first stage in this work was to remove a large amount of material from the storage section area of the Library and relocate this into the area that is usually used by customers.

You can see from the images below why the closure of the Library was needed.







The next stage of the project will involve contractors installing the required kit. This process should take around two weeks. Then the task of reocating all the items that have been removed back to their original location.

We hope that the Library should re-open for business on Monday 12 August.   In the meantime if you have any comments or queries please send an email to gnmlibrary@twmuseums.org.uk, or telephone 0191 222 3555.






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