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If only we knew! A guest post by Michael Metcalf

  This blog post follows Michael’s previous post which you can read here.  Being in West Berlin and having recovered from travelling and filming in East Berlin we carried on with filming in West Berlin. We filmed various people and… Read more

Only a TUBE crew! A guest post by Michael Metcalf

  Working on the TUBE was not always about filming in glamorous locations and meeting world famous rock stars! Because the show wanted to bring all kinds of music and culture to the UK  audience one of our more memorable… Read more

Meeting David Bowie – a guest post by Michael Metcalf

The sad news of the recent death of David Bowie reminds me of another great experience whilst filming for the TUBE. We had been invited to make a film with Duran Duran whilst they were relaxing and working on a new album… Read more

The Gold Mine Club – a guest post by Michael Metcalf

At the time of the TUBE, one of the main things about the programme was that we reflected what was happening in the country regarding music and clubs. One of the most famous of those clubs at the time was… Read more

The Tube – a guest post by Michael Metcalf

When the Tube began, we had no idea that it would become such an important part of our lives.  We were a bunch of Geordies who were suddenly flying around the world and meeting the most amazing people. One of… Read more