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Danger and adventure for Tyne and Wear ships’ crews in the Spanish Civil War

This photograph of the devastation of the Basque port of Bilbao in April 1937 was taken by Captain Still of the Newcastle ship Hamsterley, on a mission to take food to the beleaguered city and rescue refugees during the Spanish… Read more

Children fleeing the Spanish Civil War given refuge in Newcastle and the North East

These smiling boys are pictured shortly after their arrival in Newcastle from war-torn Spain in June 1937. They are walking from their new home at St Vincent’s Roman Catholic Orphanage in Brunel Terrace in Elswick to the nearby church, accompanied by the nuns… Read more

Newcastle foodships rescue Basque refugees in the Spanish Civil War

Over days and weeks in May 1937, a group of Newcastle cargo ships steamed out of Bilbao, their decks crowded with refugees. They were taking part in a massive rescue scheme for Basque civilians during the Spanish Civil War. Starving refugees, like… Read more

Frank Graham, North-East fighter in the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War

In October 1938, the women of Barcelona presented this banner to the British Battalion of the International Brigades, whose members had fought on behalf of the Spanish Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. It marked the end of the war… Read more

A Cry from the Heart – Picasso, Guernica, and British artists

In this masterpiece painting, style and subject are completely united, with the jagged fragmentation of the face, thick black lines and harsh colours expressing the woman’s agonised grief. Weeping Woman is part of Picasso’s emotional response to the bombing of civilians in the city… Read more