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Dazzle Painting of ships in the First World War and the model of ss Hindustan

Although we have hundreds of ship models in our collections, only one of them is dazzle painted.  The tramp steamer ss Hindustan was launched in July 1917 by Bartram and Sons Ltd., Sunderland and completed for the Hindustan Steam Shipping… Read more

P boats of the First World War – William Bartram and P23

Recently I’ve been researching a class of naval vessels that doesn’t usually attract much attention. Since there were 44 of them they weren’t exclusive or unique, although they were very special to the shipyards that built them. I’m talking about… Read more

Ahoy There! Part 2

A few days after we moved Noah’s Ark, I helped Ian Whitehead remove a ship model from its wooden and glass case, so it could be photographed for insurance purposes. This was a 58 inch long scale model of the… Read more

Ahoy There! Part 1

Since August Kylea Little, Keeper of History at Discovery, has been showing me how to look after the Social History collection. This job involves lots of record keeping so we can keep track of all our belongings. I’ve also been… Read more