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Our favourite magical moments: revisiting the ‘Creative Baby!’ exhibition tours.

There have been so many wonderful surprises over the course of ‘Creative Baby!’ Here we look back on some of our favourite discoveries, revisiting those moments when the babies responded in fascinating ways the artwork and creative play: The whole-body response: Whilst adults… Read more

An art exhibition tour… for babies?!

The final Creative Baby! session of 2015 felt like a really positive one – partly because so many of the babies had reached developmental milestones that enabled them to get the most out of the tour; and partly because I… Read more

Reflections on a journey of discovery: lessons learned from ‘Creative Baby!’

It’s widely known that babies learn through play, but what can adults learn from the experience?  Earlier this year I came up with the idea of ‘Creative Baby!‘ and launched it in August as a experimental pilot project at the Shipley… Read more

Feeding the imagination: a food themed ‘Creative Baby!’

I’m in the midst of planning the third session of ‘Creative Baby!’ and thought it’d be interesting to do a forward-looking, rather than retrospective blog post on this. The next session will focus on the exhibition ‘Eat, Drink and Make… Read more

Creative Baby! session 2: mirrors, kitchens and crayons!

Following the positive feedback received at the first session, Jess, Lillian and I approached the second session of Creative Baby! with great excitement. This session would focus on ‘Domesticity: an exhibition of interiors by Naomi Alexander’. I had already developed various ways of engaging… Read more