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The Boldons

The Boldons are a group of three South Tyneside villages – East Boldon, West Boldon and Boldon Colliery – located to the south of the Borough of South Tyneside, heading towards Sunderland. In 2014 the British Library loaned one of… Read more

The changing attitude towards German migrants in Britain

A guest post by Lauren Haikney, a History student at Durham University. The advent of the First World War was a defining event in the lives of civilians as well as those in the military.  So-called ‘enemy aliens’, people who… Read more

Seaside Shields: Exhibition

Hello! this blog post gives a little taster of the ‘Seaside Shields’ exhibition, currently on at South Shields Museum and Art Gallery until the 31st October. Visit for a fun time trying out vintage arcade machines with old pennies, watching… Read more

Seaside Shields: The Town

Hello! This is my last blog post to accompany the exhibition ‘Seaside Shields’, held at South Shields Museum and Art Gallery until October 31st. I have previously explored postcards and photographs of the Beaches, Parks, Fair and Piers; now it… Read more

Seaside Shields: Fairground, Promenade, and Pier

Hello again! Following my previous post about Marsden Beach, this post will focus upon postcards and photographs of the Fairground, Promenade, and Pier. Fairground The fair (know as Ocean Beach Pleasure Park) began to take a permanent format in 1899,… Read more