Skyping With the U.S

After going live on Flickr Commons, Tyne & Wear Archive & Museum’s Photostream had an influx of people viewing the photographic collections online. We have now reached over 200,000 views of the images we have uploaded to Flickr, to take a look at these follow this link.        

We had a particular interest in our ‘Criminals of 1871-1873′ set, by Mr. Fladd and his 7th Grade Class at Deerfield Community School, New Hampshire, in the United States.      

The history class had some questions about the collection of 19th Century criminals, in which Mr. Fladd filmed some of the students’ questions and posted the video at this address.      

From there we decided to answer these questions through Skype, which is a video link over the web, so we could engage with Mr Fladd and his class of students in real time.      

Skype Test with Mr Fladd in the United States

Testing Skype with Mr Fladd and his history class in the United States.

 Peter Hepplewhite, our Learning and Outreach Manager, who provides education activities and sessions on items relating to the Archives, answered the questions that the history class had about the images on Flickr.      


Peter Hepplewhite, talking about the Victorian criminals collection

An explanation of Victorian criminals of Newcastle from Peter Hepplewhite

James Davit, Newcastle Victorian Criminal

James Davit, a convicted Victorian Criminal in Newcastle 1873

It proved to be a great success. Speaking with Mr. Fladd and his history class through Skype was quite surreal at first, but it’s fantastic to think that people the other side of the world can enjoy, appreciate and learn about the collections held here at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.      

The students at Deerfield Community School are now recreating their own mug shots of Victorian Villians, here are a few to show you.   

Student mugshot, United States, history class, Victorian Criminal

Student from United States History Class, posing as a Victorian Criminal.


Catherine Flynn, Newcastle Victorian Criminal

Mug shot of catherine Flynn, a Victorian Criminal in Newcastle

History Student, United States, Mug shot

Student from the United States posing for their mug shot

U.S history Student, Mug shot, Victorian Criminal

Another mug shot of a U.S History student as a Victorian Criminal

Student, Victorian Villian, United States

Mug shot of a U.S History student as a Victorian Criminal

Thanks to Mr.Fladd and his History Students!

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