Seaside Shields: North and South Marine Parks… Redux

Hi again everyone. I just wanted to add an addition to the North and South Marine Parks post in order to highlight an odd tidbit: I feature in one of the postcards! I used the below card to point out the now absent swimming pool in the background, which I remember visiting in the late 90’s. It turns out this day was one where I visited the pool, according to family – I’m on the little train in the yellow top, at around five or six years old. I researched and poured over the minor details of the postcards for hours, so it’s funny how I didn’t recognise myself!

TWCMS 2007.5813. South Shields Museum and Art Gallery.

TWCMS 2007.5813. South Shields Museum and Art Gallery.

Thank you again for reading, and please contact me through the comments if you also happen to recognise yourself too! Visit the Seaside Shields exhibition at South Shields Museum this summer for more postcards and nostalgia, up to the 31st October.

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