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The next exhibition that I am curating at Discovery Museum is all about Newcastle United. I’m working with Mick Edmondson who owns The Backpage, a sporting memorabilia shop in Newcastle. He is a massive Newcastle fan and has an amazing collection of Newcastle United material.

Apparently there was going to be a Newcastle United ice-cream! Unfortunately it was never launched.

Hughie Gallacher’s Championship shirt, 1926-27

Hughie Gallacher’s Championship shirt, 1926-27

Football is a serious business in the North East and I hope the exhibition will show the highs and the lows of NUFC over the years.

The exhibition will be opening on the 29th January 2011.

5 Responses to NUFC. For the love of football

  1. Kyle Byrnes says:

    There was indeed an NUFC Ice Cream launched, it was on sale at Asda over Christmas 2010, however i havent seen it since.

  2. Kyle Byrnes says:

    If i remember rightly it was made by Mark Tonys.

  3. Kylea says:

    Hi Kyle

    Thanks for getting in touch to tell us that the icecream was infact launched. I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I’m shopping incase it’s still around!

  4. Katie says:

    Dear Kylea

    hello there, i am a student who studying at Northumbria university at the moment, and im now working on my final research thesis which is about the cultural product/ service that curated by cultural organisation, just to leave a message for u to see if i can have some chance to contact with you for some more detail about the event information, thanks indeed!

    best regard!!
    have a nice day:)


  5. Kylea says:

    Hi Katie

    If you email me at kylea.little at I’ll try to help.

    Best wishes


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