Hair Rollers and Horseshoes

I’m currently preparing to present at the Culture Shock conference at the end of September and feeling rather nostalgic. Looking back at some of the stories that the volunteers from Culture Track created I’m so impressed with the work that they produced, many using Macbooks for the first time. This was such a fantastic experience. We learnt a lot during this time and got to know each other, as many of the volunteers had just joined Culture Track.

Culture Shock, not to be confused with Culture Track, was a digital storytelling project that brought diverse groups of people together to explore the museum collections and use the objects to reflect on and inspire their own digital stories.

Richard and Lauren with feather capes

John, Colin and Malcolm examining Chinese shoes

It’s funny how the museum objects spark so many memories. Our stories have now been accessioned into the museum collections and will remain as a permanent object in the collections.

We had a big celebration event at the end of the project where we screened all of our films at the GNM:Hancock Museum in the Culture Shock Exhibition

There are some really thought provoking stories that I’m sure you will enjoy. If you would like to see the stories that we made please follow the links to the Culture Shock Website….

David Paterson – Learning the Hard Way

Paul Casson – Activities Made Accessible

John Nicholls – Clutter

Brian Thompson – Mary O’Neil

Colin Armstrong – Football at Segedunum

Malcolm Hunter – Changes

Sam Richardson – Ted the Pipes and the Matchstick Pyramid

Richard Hindmarch – Blow Up

Stephen Watson – Train Journey

Lauren Prince – Curls

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