First World War Stories: Honouring Jarrow’s War Heroes

I recently came across a fascinating document, which relates very nicely to the forthcoming exhibition at South Shields Museum ‘Home of Heroes’. The item is a poster listing all those recognised by the Jarrow War Heroes’ Fund between October 1917 and July 1920. At some point in the distant past (before it was deposited with the Archives) the poster has been mounted on board and varnished, which explains the sheen you can see in the image below.

The Jarrow War Heroes’ Fund poster, c1920 (TWAM ref. T27)

The Jarrow War Heroes’ Fund poster, c1920 (TWAM ref. T27)

The poster will be of interest to a wide variety of people, particularly those with family ties to Jarrow. At the top it shows the names of officials and committee members of the Jarrow War Heroes’ Fund.

Top of poster showing officials and committee members of the Jarrow War Heroes' Fund (TWAM ref. T27)

Top of poster showing officials and committee members of the Jarrow War Heroes’ Fund (TWAM ref. T27)

Next comes the most important part – the details of 124 of Jarrow’s First World War heroes, listed in the order in which their service was recognised by the Fund. The poster gives the name of each person, including their military rank, regiment, honours and the present they were given by the Fund. It also tells us when, where and by whom each presentation was made.

The lists have been reproduced in full below, in two sections.

Left hand side of poster listing Jarrow heroes, recognised between October 1917 and January 1919 (TWAM ref. T27)

Left hand side of poster listing Jarrow heroes, honoured between October 1917 and January 1919 (TWAM ref. T27)

Right hand side of poster listing Jarrow heroes honoured between January 1919 and July 1920 (TWAM ref. T27)

Right hand side of poster listing Jarrow heroes honoured between January 1919 and July 1920 (TWAM ref. T27)

If you click on the images and look closely you’ll notice that a small number of the heroes are listed as ‘killed’. In each case an entry has been made of the relationship of the family member who received the present.

Details of soldiers represented by their mothers at a presentation ceremony on 11 October 1917 (TWAM ref. T27)

Details of two soldiers represented by their mothers at a presentation ceremony on 11 October 1917 (TWAM ref. T27)

Most of the men or their relatives received gold watches from the Jarrow War Heroes’ Fund and it would be fascinating to know whether any of these still survive in family hands.

The majority of the men on the list were awarded the Military Medal, but other honours include the Distinguished Conduct Medal, Meritorious Service Medal and the Croix de Guerre (a French military medal). Many of those recognised by the Fund were men who survived the War and it’s great that their heroism was rewarded. Quite rightly a lot of emphasis tends to be put on those who lost their lives in the conflict but the bravery of those who returned should not be forgotten either. It must have been so hard for them to return home to a normal life after all they had seen and endured.

I was also intrigued to note the last name on the list, Miss M. Harrison, who was awarded a gold watch and strap on 28 July 1920 for her service in the Land Army.

Final entry for Miss M. Harrison, presented with a gold watch on 28 July 1920 (TWAM ref. T27)

Final entry for Miss M. Harrison, presented with a gold watch on 28 July 1920 (TWAM ref. T27)

She is the only woman on the list but her inclusion highlights the part that women played working on farms and in factories during the War. Their contribution might not have been fully appreciated at the time but women played a key role in keeping the home front and the front lines supplied while the men were away fighting for their country. This is not to mention their heroic service as nurses. This reflects one aspect of the poster, which makes me slightly uncomfortable – knowing that there were many other Jarrow men and women whose courage and dedication has not been recognised. I’m optimistic, though, that in the coming First World War commemorations their stories will also be told.

If you can tell us more about one of the 124 heroes on the list or know of someone who should have been recognised but wasn’t then we’d be delighted to have your comments. Alternatively you could make sure their lives are remembered by adding them to the Imperial War Museum’s Lives of the First World War website.

The Jarrow War Heroes’ Fund poster will be on display in the ‘Home of Heroes’ exhibition at South Shields Museum. I’m really looking forward to seeing the exhibition, when it opens later this week. Further information can be found on the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums website.

52 Responses to First World War Stories: Honouring Jarrow’s War Heroes

  1. Vin Mullen says:

    Nice to be a hero from Jarrow WW1 who survived the war

    But what about more than 600 from Jarrow who died WW1 and are not even on a Cenotaph in Jarrow

    Also nice to have worked in the Palmer Yard Jarrow before WW1 even if they had no ties to the town and get on the Jarrow Cenotaph if you died

    My 3 great uncles William Monaghan 1st Royal Scots Private 9918 died 09/05/1915, Frank Monaghan 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers Private 3428 died 22/02/1915 and their sisters husband Thomas Wadey Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 3291 died 03/12/1915 all regular soldiers who where born and lived in Jarrow are on no Cenotaph in Jarrow as they never worked for Palmer

    All of the 352 WW2 servicemen from Jarrow who died are not on no Cenotaph in Jarrow including my uncle Michael McNally Merchant Navy

    Nothing wrong with a land fit for heroes as both my parents served WW2 in the services and survived
    My father 1st Battalion Border Regiment 1st Airborne Private 3600930
    And my mother as a Flight Mechanical Engineer WAAF LACW 2092281

    But surely the War Dead of Jarrow nearly 900 for both World Wars missed off the Cenotaph should at least be on a public memorial in Jarrow?

    My regards to you all Vin Mullen from Jarrow

    • Alex BAKER says:

      I completely agree Vin, back in the late 1980’s early 1992 when I was transcribing names from any War Memorial I came across, I transcribed all the names from the Monument outside Jarrow Palmers Hospital along with a loose brass plate which was laying behind it on the ground. I went into Jarrow Town Hall to ask about an Official Monument/Cenetaph & was informed it was outside of Palmers Hospital. I quickly put them right & said they were only the names of those who had worked for Palmers. While in there I also transcribed the Roll Of Honour which was hanging in the Council Offices. I went into the offices to ask if there was a memorial plaque in Jervis Park, because I have a faint recollection of something like that on the wall under the bridge on York Ave. but was told that there is nothing there. I’m certain you are aware that Hebburn Casualties have also suffered the same fate, long gone and forgotten by those who should not forget.
      If you watched the Tour De France stage finish in Harrogate you would have noticed the Huge exceptionally well cared for Cenetaph & surrounds, a really fine tribute to the victims. I have also transcribed all the names from that Memorial too. We live in hope Vin.

  2. Alan Hayward says:

    Hi Vin,

    Thank you very much for your comment. I sympathise with your frustration that servicemen who gave their lives are not properly remembered. As I mentioned in the blog one aspect of the poster that made me slightly uncomfortable was knowing that there were many other Jarrow men whose courage and dedication has not been recognised. I really hope that the coming commemorations are an opportunity to redress the balance.

    Best wishes,


    • Vin Mullen says:

      Cheers John
      Its ironic that none of the 9 dead on there are on a Cenotaph in Jarrow

      So much for making awards to them and not even bothering to put them and another 600 for WW1 on a Public Memorial
      4 out of 5 not remembered in their home town

      “Ah that Palmer Cenotaph looks canny, we could save ourselves a few bob by calling it our Cenotaph, anyhow nobodies got any proof they should be on a Cenotaph”

      It took till after 2000 (nearly 90 years later) for descendants like me to find out why their ancestors never got on no Memorial in their home town

      You look at most of them dignitaries presenting the awards
      Most of their names are on brass plaques or plates in the Jarrow Town Hall (the hypocrites)

  3. Vin Mullen says:

    I would like to take the opportunity to correct a few things I said above
    There were 312 Servicemen from Jarrow WW2
    I mistakenly added to that the 40 civilians killed Jarrow WW2 (not commemorated anywhere)

    The 1939 – 1945 memorial war plaque has now been replaced in the Jarrow Town Hall (must have been put up the last week in June 2014) and my uncle Michael McNally MN is on it

    There is 12 who died on your posters and only 2 of them out of the 12 are on our Cenotaph – Joseph Smith (I take it to be him) Serjeant 9402 and Benjamin Little CQSM 203298

    But more than 600 WW1 Servicemen missing from a Cenotaph in Jarrow remains the same

  4. Alan Hayward says:

    Hi Vin,

    Thanks for your corrections. Glad to hear that your uncle is on the replaced plaque in Jarrow Town Hall.

    Best wishes,


  5. Vin Mullen says:

    Thank you for your sentiments and comments Alan

    This is the list of names on the new plaque in the Entrance to Jarrow Town Hall (erected late June 2014)

    Jarrow Roll of Honour 1939 – 1945. (Final List)

    1. Charles William Adams (Army)
    2. Kenneth Paterson Adams (RAF)
    3. William Adams (Army)
    2. Joseph Anderson (MN)
    3. John Angus (Army)
    4. Robert Harry Archer (RAF)
    5. Lancelot Morris Aspell (Army)
    6. Robert O Aspel (Army)
    7. Thomas Aspel (Army)
    8. Adam Atkinson (Army)
    9. George Atkinson (RAF)
    10. James Atkinson (MN)
    11. William Hunter Atkinson (RAF)
    12. George Lloyd Ball (Army)
    13. Allan Balfour (Army)
    14. James Balmer (RN)
    15. William Barnes (RN)
    16. James McFarlane Barrow (Army)
    17. William Henry Barrow (RAF)
    18. William Beattie (RAF)
    19. Clasper Bell (Army)
    20. Richard Bickle (Army)
    21. Frederick Binz (Army)
    22. Arthur Bird (RAF)
    23. James Black (MN)
    24. Vivian Black (MN)
    25. William Black (MN)
    26. George Albert Blake (Army)
    27. Thomas Robinson Boal (Army)
    28. Thomas Taylor Bond (MN)
    29. Harry Bone (RAF)
    30. Thomas Craig Bramley (RAF)
    31. Dixon Brown (Army)
    32. James Brown (MN)
    33. John James Brown (RAF)
    34. R Brown (RN)
    35. Robert Brown (Army)
    36. Robert Barras Brown (Army)
    37. John Henry Bruce (RAF)
    38. William Bruce (Army)
    39. Alexander Bryce (RN)
    40. Charles Bushell (Army)
    41. Charles Buskell (Army)
    42. George Worthington Buttriss (RN)
    43. James Byrne (Army)
    44. Alfred Careless (Army)
    45. Hugh Carville (Army)
    46. Peter Cash (RN)
    47. Stephen Cavanagh (RFA)
    48. John W Charles (Army)
    49. P Clarke (MN)
    50. John Clouston (Army)
    51. John Cockburn (RAF)
    52. Edmund Connelly (MN)
    53. Frank Conner (Army)
    54. James Connolly (Army)
    55. Patrick Connolly (MN)
    56. Edward Connor (Army)
    57. Patrick Conville (RN)
    58. Jackie Corner (Army)
    59. Frank Corradine (MN)
    60. Daniel Patrick Coyne (RN)
    61. Sydney Craig (Army)
    62. William Crumbley (RAF)
    63. Edward G Daglish (Army)
    64. William Daglish (Army)
    65. Stephen Augustus Davenport (Army)
    66. R Davison (RAF)
    67. M Dawson (Army)
    68. Henry Deakin (Army)
    69. Ian Dearing (RAF)
    70. Francis W Doran (Army)
    71. Thomas Doyle (Army)
    72. Francis Duffy (Army)
    73. John Duncan (RN)
    74. Michael Dunn (MN)
    75. Walter Eames (MN)
    76. Edwin George Edwards (Army)
    77. George Henry Edwards (RN)
    78. John George Elliott (RN)
    79. George E Errington (Army)
    80. Jacob B Errington (MN)
    81. George Finlay (RN)
    82. Martin Flaherty (Army)
    83. Daniel Flanagan (MN)
    84. John Flanagan (RAF)
    85. Joseph Flanagan (Army)
    86. R Flanagan (MN)
    87. Thomas Flanagan (Army)
    88. John B Flowdy (MN)
    89. G N Fondos (HG)
    90. Daniel Forbes (Army)
    91. John G Forrest (RAF)
    92. Allan Forster (Army)
    93. Robert Fox (MN)
    94. Joseph Franklin (Army)
    95. Frederick William Fromhold (MN)
    96. William Furlong (Army)
    97. Harry Mitchell Gale (Army)
    98. J Gallacher (RN)
    99. Charles Gallagher (Army)
    100. Harold Gardiner (Army)
    101. James Glen (Army)
    102. George Graves (Army)
    103. John T Gray (MN)
    104. Thomas Greaves (MN)
    105. Greenwood (RAF)
    106. Roger Laurence Hackett (MN)
    107. James Hall (Army)
    108. William Hall (Army)
    109. Robert H N Halliday (RN)
    110. John Theodore Hanafy (RAF)
    111. Norman Hancock (MN)
    112. Percy Hardy (Army)
    113. Edward Harris (Army)
    114. Colin Hart (Army)
    115. William John Harvey (MN)
    116. John Heanan (Army)
    117. William Henderson (RN)
    118. Jack Hillis (Army)
    119. Jack Hirst (RN)
    120. Edward Hockings (Army)
    121. Stanley Hopper (DLI)
    122. James Hudson (Army)
    123. William H Hudson (Army)
    124. Jack Hudspith (MN)
    125. William Inglis (Army)
    126. Thomas Irvine (Army)
    127. George Ives
    128. Derek Jackson (RAF)
    129. Herbert Jagger (RN)
    130. Norman Jagger (RN)
    131. Lancelot Edward James (MN)
    132. Noel Patrick Jennings (MN)
    133. Neville Johnson (RAF)
    134. Watson Johnson (Army)
    135. Albert H Joicey (MN)
    136. David Roger Jones (MN)
    137. Terence Jones (MN)
    138. Arthur Judge (Army)
    139. Robert Kane (MN)
    140. Thomas George Kelly (Army)
    141. J W Knight (MN)
    142. Richard Henry Laidler (Army)
    143. David Laing (RAF)
    144. John G Lambert (Army)
    145. Albert E Laws (RN)
    146. Thomas Haswell Lenney (RN)
    147. John Joseph Lindsay (Army)
    148. Archibald R Lishman (RAF)
    149. George Richard Loader (MN )
    150. James Longstaff (RNZN)
    151. Alfred James Lown (MN)
    152. Raymond Lugg (MN)
    153. Kenneth Lyall (MN)
    154. John Maher (Army)
    155. Oliver Mallen (MN)
    156. James Malloy (MN)
    157. Edward Maloney (Army)
    158. Paul Mann (RAF)
    159. John Mason (RN)
    160. George W A Mayor (Army)
    161. Joseph McCallum (RN)
    162. John McCann (Army)
    163. Norman McCarthy (MN)
    164. James McClure (MN)
    165. William C McCluskey (RN)
    166. Thomas McCourt (Army)
    167. Joseph J McCurry (Army)
    168. Patrick Frank McDonnell (Army)
    169. John H McGurty (Army)
    170. John B V McKenzie (RAF)
    171. Joseph McLindon (MN )
    172. Joseph McNally (MN)
    173. Michael McNally (MN)
    174. Christopher McPartlan (Army)
    175. John McStravick (RN)
    176. William E McStravick (MN)
    177. Joseph Albert Mease (Army)
    178. George Melvin (Army)
    179. John K Meyler (RAF)
    180. James A Mills (MN)
    181. Hugh G Mogie (Army)
    182. William Mogie (Army)
    183. Bede A Mulholland (Army)
    184. A Mullen (MN)
    185. Thomas Mullen (Army)
    186. Thomas Mullen (MN)
    187. John C Munton (Army)
    188. John W Nee (MN)
    189. James Nellist (Army)
    190. Stephen Nesbitt (RN)
    191. William B Nichol (Army)
    192. Ernest Nicholas (Army)
    193. Thomas Nicholson (Army)
    194. Albert Noone (Army)
    195. Sidney O’Connor (RN)
    196. Robert Ogden (MN)
    197. John O’Hagan (Army)
    198. ? O’Halloran (Army)
    199. James O’Hara (Army)
    200. Patrick O’Malley (Army)
    201. James Ormston (Army)
    202. Austin Osborne (Army)
    203. Richard Parker (Army)
    204. John N Patterson (Army)
    205. Raymond Peacock (Army)
    206. David G Penman (RAF)
    207. Constantine Perdik (Army)
    208. William Perkson (MN)
    209. Archie Phipps (MN)
    210. Robert Pickersgill (RN)
    211. Oswald St. John Pigg (RAF)
    212. Thomas Porteous (RAF)
    213. Sidney Porter (Army)
    214. Frank Pratt (Army)
    215. Joseph Purvis (Army)
    216. Leslie Purvis (Army)
    217. James Quinn (Army)
    218. Cuthbert Ramshaw (RN)
    219. Thomas Ramshaw (RN)
    220. William Ramshaw (RN)
    221. E Raymond (Army)
    222. William H Reavley (Army)
    223. Stephen L Revely (RN)
    224. Norman Venerolles Richardson (Army)
    225. Frederick J Ricketts (RAF)
    226. Joseph Ritson (RN)
    227. David Robinson (RAF)
    228. John Robinson (Army)
    229. Kenneth Robinson (RAF)
    230. Jacob Robison (ARP)
    231. Edward Rogan (Army)
    232. Herbert James Rogers (MN)
    233. Leslie Rourke (RAF)
    234. Albert G Royal (Army)
    235. Leonard W Ryce (MN)
    236. George W Rymell (Army)
    237. Robert Satchfield (MN)
    238. Archie H Scott (RN)
    239. James Scott (RN)
    240. Stanley Scott (MN)
    241. William Scott (MN)
    242. Arthur William Seymour (Army)
    243. James N P Shepherd (Army)
    244. David C Simpson (Army)
    245. James Sinclair (RAF)
    246. George Henry Skelly (MN)
    247. Sydney Skelton (Army)
    248. Edward John Skinner (RN)
    249. Edward Slane (MN )
    250. William Small (Army)
    251. James Edward Smith (Army)
    252. Thomas W Smith (Army)
    253. George Softley (Army)
    254. Harold Softley (Army)
    255. William Kenneth Steedman (RAF)
    256. George Stephenson (RN)
    257. Lemuel J R Stephenson (MN)
    258. John Stewart (Army)
    259. John William Stewart (MN)
    260. Robert Stewart (Army)
    261. Stephen R Stewart (Army)
    262. Francis Sullivan (MN)
    263. John Surtees (Army)
    264. Ronald Surtees (Army)
    265. James Athol Swinburne (RAF)
    266. John T Swinney (RN)
    267. John A C Taylor (RN)
    268. John F Thompson (Army)
    269. John H Thompson (Army)
    270. Robert Thompson (Army)
    271. Thomas R Thorpe (RN)
    272. John Thraxton (Army)
    273. Pat Tierney (Army)
    274. George H Todd (MN)
    275. T Trail (RN)
    276. Joseph Traynor (MN)
    277. James Tynan (Army)
    278. Joseph A Tynan (MN)
    279. Leonard Underwood (Army)
    280. Harry Usher (Army)
    281. Leonard Valance (RAF)
    282. George Vickers (Army)
    283. James H Walker (Army)
    284. W Wall (RAF)
    285. Francis J Walton (Army)
    286. George W Ward (MN)
    287. James Bede Ward (Army)
    288. Robert G Warkcup (RAF)
    289. Frederick W Watson (MN)
    290. Edward Webber (RN)
    291. Edward Weightman (Army)
    292. Joseph Welsh (RAF)
    293. Michael White (Army)
    294. Frederick W Whiting (Army)
    295. Alfred John Whittingstall (Army)
    296. Kenneth H Whitmore (RAF)
    297. W P K Wightman (Army)
    298. James Nelson Williamson (RAF)
    299. Arthur Wilson (Army)
    300. George H Wilson (Army)
    301. George L Wilson (Army)
    302. James Wilson (Army)
    303. James P Wilson (MN)
    304. John Edward Wilson (Army)
    305. William Wilson (Army)
    306. James Wood (Army)
    307. Arnold Wright (Army)
    308. Ralph Dunn Wright (MN)
    309. Errol Wrightson (Army)
    310. Joseph Yates (Army)
    311. Albert Younger (RN)

  6. Vin Mullen says:

    The Jarrow Palmer Cenotaph (including the brass plaque in the rear)
    Has 185 names on it for WW1
    Of Servicemen who worked in the Palmer yards (Jarrow and Hebburn)
    More than 10% were not from Jarrow

    I have an extra list of 634 servicemen who died from Jarrow WW1
    They were either born Jarrow or lived Jarrow (and had family in Jarrow)
    A few are borderline Jarrow or Hebburn
    I do not have a list and have not researched the Hebburn War dead

    So 185 on the Cenotaph and the extra 634
    Total Jarrow WW1 War dead 819 (at present)

    Alan if you wish for a copy of the CD with all the info I have collated over the last 15 years
    Email me and I will post you a copy

    • Colin Hartley says:

      Hi Vin, that is very interesting. I lived in Jarrow for many years, and never knew about this, only thought that the names listed was a complete list of Jarrow men, I would be very interested in having a copy of your research.
      Regards Colin Hartley

  7. Alan Hayward says:

    Hi Vin,

    Many thanks for your kind offer – the Archives would be delighted to take you up on it. I’d be really interested to take a look at your research and I could add the CD to our searchroom library so that the information is available to all. Could you please send it to me at:

    Tyne & Wear Archives
    Blandford House
    Blandford Square
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 4JA

    Best wishes,


  8. Norman Dunn says:

    Dear Mr Hayward,
    Through Jarrow man Vin Mullen’s excellent research we now know that our WW1 dead didn’t even get thanked by having their names added to a proper Memorial in Jarrow. That is an absolute disgrace, so surely there must be some way it can be redressed this year, 100 yrs since the start of that war. Well done Vin for all your research.

    • Alan Hayward says:

      Hi Norman,

      Thanks for your comment. I really hope that the lack of a permanent memorial can be redressed too.

      Best wishes,


  9. Vin Mullen says:

    DVD (run out of CDs) is in a jiffy bag in my local postbox now Alan

    Alan Hayward

    Tyne & Wear Archives
    Blandford House
    Blandford Square
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 4JA

    Missed last collection which was 10.00am Saturday
    Next collection is 5.00pm Monday (I could of took my time if I knew)

    So you might get it Tuesday

    Nearly a hundred years ago you could of posted to some Private in the trenches of Ypres and it would of got there quicker
    By carrier pidgeon it would of been there later tonight


    • Alan Hayward says:

      Hi Vin,

      Many thanks for your CD, which arrived here today. There’s lots of really useful information on there! It’ll be added to our catalogue so that members of the public can access the information in our searchroom. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of interest in it.

      All the best,


  10. Alan Hayward says:

    Hi Vin,

    Many thanks for posting the CD. I’ll look forward to receiving it and it’ll make a great addition to our library.

    Best wishes,


  11. Eddie says:

    Nice to see my grand father J Woodhouse and my wife’s grandfather also J Cox.
    My uncle has the watch presented to my grandfather, my cousin has the associated chain. I have a couple of photographs of the watch.

    Eddie Ashburner

    • Vin Mullen says:

      I have a William Woodhouse not commemorated anywhere in Jarrow

      William Woodhouse Driver 79126
      367th Battery Royal Field Artillery
      Age 20 who died on 28th April 1915
      Born and enlisted Jarrow
      Son of Isabella Woodhouse (nee Duffield) of Craft Cottage Kelling Holt Norfolk and the late William Woodhouse of Jarrow
      On the 1911 census William Woodhouse (labourer born Jarrow) is living with his grandparents Edward Thomas Duffield (Gamekeeper born Kelling) and Elizabeth Duffield (born Sunderland) at Craft Cottage Kelling
      Grave/Memorial Reference. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Panel 5 and 9

    • Alan Hayward says:

      Hi Eddie,

      Many thanks for getting in touch. It’s great that the watch has survived.

      Have you spotted the comment by Vin Mullen, who was carrried out extensive research on Jarrow men who died during the two World Wars. He has information about a William Woodhouse, who died on 28 April 1915. Could he be a relation?

      Best wishes,


      • Eddie says:

        Possible relation, but after a lot of research I can’t actually prove it. Both William and John had ancestors who came up from Norfolk and settled in Jarrow.


  12. Thomas Woodhouse says:

    Fantastic! my nephew sent me an e.mail of all your documents and having been born inJarrow and went to St. Bedes school,I joined the RAF in 1942, Regarding the gold watch given to the Jarrow Heroes my Father got one he was awarded the MM I still have it as it was passed on to me when he died and its still going if you wind it up,Dad died when he was 73.I did write to the DLI museam in Durham offering it to them to them,my son thought it was a good idea but I never heard anything more from them. I am 90 years old next month.

    he Jarrow Heroes

    • Alan Hayward says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Many thanks for getting in touch. I’m really glad that you found the blog interesting. It’s great to know that the watch still works after nearly a hundred years.

      Have you thought of offering the watch to South Shields Museum? The poster featured in the blog is currently part of their new exhibition ‘Home of Heroes’ so they might well be interested. Would you be happy for me to forward your e-mail address to a colleague at the Museum?

      Best wishes,


    • Vin Mullen says:

      My late mother went to Mayfield RC school in Jarrow
      In 1941 she volunteered for the WAAFs aged 18
      Victoria Madeline Wilkinson 2092281 WAAF

      She enlisted as an Orderly 22.09.1941
      She served at:
      As a Flight Mechanical Engineer on Radial and Inline Aero Engines
      UT/Flight Mechanical Engineer 06.11.1942 Rank ACW2 2092281
      Flight Mechanical Engineer 01.04.1943 Rank ACW1 2092281
      Flight Mechanical Engineer 31.12.45 Rank LACW 2092281
      She was discharged at Bassingbourn 16.09.1946 Victoria Madeline Wilkinson FME LACW 2092281 (As her job was needed for one of the boys in peacetime)

      She applied for jobs as a Mechanical Engineer such as Reyrolles back home with no success
      It was not allowed then in peacetime a female Mechanical Engineer in Civvy Street (But it was OK a male Mechanical Engineer in civvy street during WW2 and classed as an excused occupation)

      So she had to take a job on the Ropemaking machines at Haggies Ropes in Willington Quay (Another mans job done by women)

  13. Vin Mullen says:

    I am busy updating the WW2 Servicemen for Jarrow
    The list on the DVD I sent is before they put up the new plaque in the Town Hall a few weeks ago
    I can send you the main list straight away to replace the rollww2.htm
    It is just a small html document small enough to add as an attachment to an email

    I will redo every individuals link page over the next few weeks
    Mind the only thing that really needs to be altered on the individuals page is a link to the pic of the new plaque in Jarrow Town Hall which is already in the images folder

    My email address is

  14. Vin Mullen says:

    Just reading over the posts
    Thank you Alex Baker and Norman Dunn for your welcome comments

    Yes more than 600 servicemen from Jarrow who died WW1 not on any public memorial in Jarrow
    Their only crime was they never worked in the Palmer Yards
    (My 3 great uncles William and Frank Monaghan and Tom Wadey all regular soldiers killed 1915 never worked for Palmer they are among those excluded)

    Jarrow’s shame

    Never mind “The Town that was murdered”
    What about “The Town who never remembered it’s War Dead”

    The Jarrow Crusaders are remembered
    And they all got the train back from London to their homes

    My father was 17 in 1936 when they had there march and was labouring in Bedford to send money home to his mother in Jarrow (his 2 sisters where in service in London)
    He was called back from Bedford 3 years later when his mother received his call up papers to be conscripted into the BEF
    The following year he had marched and retreated twice the distance from Jarrow to London when he ended up with the rest of our Army at Dunkirk

  15. Andrew Blades says:

    Hi Vin
    Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to you for the information and listings that you have put on websites re British WW1 servicemen. It was from your remarkable story on the Wartime Memories Project regarding your great uncle Frank Monoghan that I first confirmed that my grandfather Pte Thomas Blades 8930 had served in the 2nd Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers. He died on 21st February 1915, the day before your great uncle. Although I had known that my grandfather served with the Northumberland Fusiliers I had not known the battalion that he served with. This knowledge opened up a large amount of information including that in the history ‘The Fifth in the Great War’ by Brigadier Sandilands. I am currently trying to source some additional details and I intend later to add my grandfather’s story to the Memories Project. He was 37 when he was killed in action, married with 7 children, the oldest 15 (my father) and the youngest 9 months old. Thank you again for the major contribution you have made to my little project.
    Andrew Blades
    Sydney, Australia

    • Vin Mullen says:

      Andy I got your email and have replied to it

      This must be your grandfather born 1878 East Ward
      Now Westmorland in Cumbria
      Part of the Lake District
      Westmorland East ward: Appleby, Brough, Kirkby Stephen, Orton, Tebay

  16. Maria Garnham says:

    My grandfather fought and returned injured from WW1. He would probably be considered one of the lucky ones hence no reward as a hero, or at least I can’t see his name on the poster. His name? John William Nee father of the John William Nee listed at no. 188 on the WW2 Roll of Honour. WW1 didn’t kill him but the loss of his only son in WW2 did!

  17. Alan Hayward says:

    Hi Maria,

    Many thanks for getting in touch. Although he wasn’t rewarded I’m sure that like many others your grandfather deserved to be. Have you thought of ‘remembering’ him by adding his details to the Lives of The First World War website

    Best wishes,


    • Maria says:

      Yeah think I will. Have just hunted out his medals and a certificate of some type to say he was discharged disabled, you have sparked a curiousity Alan! Thanks

  18. Alan Hayward says:

    Hi Maria,

    Glad to be of help. Best wishes,


  19. Gail Helmersen says:

    My Grandfather was Alfred Percival Stokes. His DCM and gold watch are still in family hands

  20. Alan Hayward says:

    Hi Gail,

    Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great to know that his medal and the watch are still being looked after.

    Best wishes,


  21. Anne Cunningham says:

    Hi Alan,

    Perhaps you or Vin can help me. I am trying to find out whether my great-uncle, Pte Peter Fox of the 25th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers (2nd Tyneside Irish) is commemorated anywhere on a memorial in Jarrow, or mentioned in any documents I could see. He was born and spent his life there, and was killed on the Western Front on March 21st, 1918 aged 25. I have more details if that’s helpful.

    Thank you!

    • Margaret McDonald says:

      Your Peter FOX is named on the Roll of Honour of St Andrew’s Presbyterian church in Hebburn. I am at present researching all those named on this Roll of Honour

  22. Alan Hayward says:

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Sadly Peter Fox isn’t listed on the Jarrow War Heroes Fund poster. If he worked for Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Company at Jarrow then he should be featured on their war memorial but he doesn’t appear to be.

    Since he served in the Tyneside Irish it’s likely that he’ll be mentioned in the book ‘Tyneside Irish’ by John Sheen. We have a copy in our searchroom library and you’re welcome to visit us to take a look. You may also still be able to buy a copy yourself, either new or second hand. It might also be worth contacting the Northumberland Fusiliers Museum at Alnwick Castle since they could have some useful information. I’m including a link to their website

    The National Archives also has information about soldiers who served in the First World War and I’ve including a link to their website I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,


  23. Vin Mullen says:

    Sorry I have not looked in here for a while

    In reply to Anne Cunningham
    Peter Fox Private 25/953
    25th (Tyneside Irish) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers
    Age 25 who died on 21st March 1918
    Born Jarrow 1892
    Enlisted Newcastle
    Son of Catherine Fox (nee McCormick) and the late Peter Fox
    Brother of Felix Fox of 3 Shakespeare Street Jarrow
    Grave/Memorial Reference. Arras Memorial. Bay 2-3

    Peter is commemorated on the centre panel of the Triptych (3 folded sections) in St. Paul’s Church, Jarrow.
    He is down as Fox P. Pte.
    (He is not commemorated anywhere else in Jarrow)

    Peter is down on the 1911 census at 3 Shakespeare Street, Jarrow age 26 born Jarrow a Ropeworker at the Ropeworks
    He is with his widowed mother Catherine age 45 born Kildress. County Tyrone (same County as my great grandfather Frank Mullen – his son my grandfather was born in Shakespeare Street) she is a Ropemaker at the Ropeworks
    His brother Michael age 17 born Jarrow a Ropeworker at the Ropeworks
    His brother Felix age 17 born Jarrow a Ropeworker at the Ropeworks
    And his sister Rose Ann age 12 born Jarrow

    • Margaret McDonald says:

      Peter FOX is NOT named on the Roll of Honour of St Andrew’s church. He is someone I came across in my research of St. Andrew’s. Sorry.

  24. Christine Dolan says:

    I was looking for my grandfather’s name on a list of Jarrow’s WW1 servicemen in Jarrow library but it was not there. My grandfather survived the war and so did his son. Unfortunately I don’t know their regiments but think they are as follows:
    Albert Victor Allison (b.1878) Tyneside Scottish
    William Allison (b.1899) Northumberland Fusiliers. I wonder why there was no record of them, can you help?

    • Christine Dolan says:

      I have just read that William Allison is on Palmer’s roll of honour but both father and son worked at the shipyard. What happened to Albert Victor Allison?

      • Alan Hayward says:

        Hi Christine,

        My understanding is that Palmers War Memorial was intended by the firm to recognise the patriotism of the 1543 employees who served in the First World War. However, it only individually names 185 who died. If Albert Victor Allison survived the War that probably explains why he isn’t named.

        I hope that helps. Best wishes,


        • Vin Mullen says:

          The William Allinson commemorated on the Palmer Cenotaph (worked in the Palmer Shipyard in Jarrow pre WW1) is as follows:

          William Allison Rifleman S/9830
          9th Battalion Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consorts Own)
          Age 23 who died on 25th September 1915
          Born 1892 Jarrow
          Lived and enlisted Jarrow
          Son of Arthur and Margaret Elizabeth Allison (nee Wilson) of Jarrow
          Grave/Memorial Reference. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Panel 46 – 48 and 50

  25. visiting Jarrow last week checked the cenotaph beside palmers hospital my husbands uncle James Cochrane is listed on the plaque which is lying against the back of the statue we were both very disappointed to think that the council can not be bothered to erect it some where is there anyone we can get in touch with to solve this they did fight for our country and lost their lives also my grandfather served in the first world war his names was Thomas Amos Hewitt and he died in 1945 he worked at palmers and his name is not on the plaque

    • Vin Mullen says:

      The Palmer Cenotaph commemorates those Servicemen that died WW1 (the fallen) who worked in the Palmer yards of Jarrow and Hebburn pre WW1
      Some of them were never born or lived in Jarrow they had only worked in the Palmer yards
      That’s why it is called the Palmer Cenotaph

      In 1920 the Palmer Shipbuilding Company at Jarrow led by the Managing Director A.B. Gowan proposed the erection of a Cenotaph with the names of an estimated 122 of their workmen who fell in the war.
      (Note: When the Cenotaph was unveiled in 1921 they had added another 23 names of their workmen who fell in the war which totalled 145 names)
      This number was also proved wrong as after the Cenotaph was unveiled they added another 40 names of their workmen who fell in the war on an additional brass plaque at the rear of the cenotaph which brought the total to 185 names)

      Apart from the Palmer Cenotaph in Jarrow (for Palmer workers)
      Jarrow does not have a Jarrow Cenotaph itself to more than 600 Servicemen (623 I have listed) from Jarrow who died WW1 (the fallen) that never worked in Palmer’s (3 of my great uncles included that were born and lived in Jarrow that died in Ypres 1915 are not on any Cenotaph in Jarrow – two of them, brothers have no known grave in Ypres – like many, many others they are truly forgotten – like they never existed – Known onto God)

      Jarrow had many, many thousands who served in WW1 from every street from nearly every house in the working part of Jarrow
      The houses had fathers, sons, brothers in every branch of the military, and navy imaginable
      It would be far, far easier to list those that did not serve in WW1 from Jarrow

  26. My interest is in the Zeppelin raid during WWI on Palmers Works. Tried to e-mail Vin Mullen with the address he gave in earlier correspondence in this forum. However, I got the message that “the email account that you tried to reach does not exist”.
    Vin… are you still there?
    Philip Strong (Australia)

  27. Jim Towell says:

    John Towell Tyneside Irish 25/674 Northumberland Fusiliers.
    The above is my grandfather who was killed on 1 July 1916 at the Somme.
    I am trying to find out the place and date of his birth plus the names of his parents.
    Do you know of any sources that could supply these details as I thought he may have to declare them on enlisting.
    Thank you.

    • Alan Hayward says:

      Thanks for getting in touch. If you haven’t already done so it might be worth contacting the Northumberland Fusiliers Museum to see whether they can assist you You might also find this National Archives guide useful

      Best of luck with your research.


    • Vin Mullen says:

      John Towell Private 25/674
      25th (Service) Battalion (2nd Tyneside Irish) Northumberland Fusiliers
      Killed in action on 1st July 1916
      Husband of Cecilia Towell (nee Corr) of 23 Berkeley Street Jarrow

      Only extra information I can find:
      He is down on the Palmer Cenotaph in Jarrow as working at Palmer Blast Furnaces pre WW1
      According to Soldiers who died in the Great War CD
      He was:
      Born Jarrow
      Lived Jarrow
      Enlisted Newcastle
      (no extra information supplied)

      Marriage 8th April 1913
      John Towell and Cecelia Corr registered South Shields
      Church marriage 12th January 1914 (Register Office South Shields)
      John Towell and Cecelia Corr at St. Bede’s RC Church in Jarrow
      Fathers: John Towell and Michael Corr (Family Search – Latter Day Saints)

      Births Jun 1914
      James H. Towell mothers maiden name Corr registered South Shields

      Deaths Jun 1963
      Cecilia Towell age 75 registered South Shields

      Obtain the marriage certificate of John Towell and Cecilia Corr
      It will give an age for John
      i.e. (this is just an example so don’t go along with it) if age say 26 your looking for a John Towell born say 1888 Jarrow with a father John
      If nothing comes up he may have given wrong age or wrong place or his birth was not registered)
      Birth certificate will give father and mothers name and mothers maiden name (it will assist you finding parents marriage knowing the mothers maiden name)
      Sorry can’t be of more assistance as I do not subscribe to any genealogy sites

  28. Vin Mullen says:

    Marriage 8th April 1913
    John Towell and Cecelia Corr registered South Shields
    Church marriage 12th January 1914 (Register Office South Shields)
    John Towell and Cecelia Corr at St. Bede’s RC Church in Jarrow
    Fathers: John Towell and Michael Corr (Family Search – Latter Day Saints)

    Should read:
    Marriage 8th April 1913
    John Towell and Cecelia Corr registered South Shields (Registry Office South Shields)
    Church marriage 12th January 1914
    John Towell and Cecelia Corr at St. Bede’s RC Church in Jarrow
    Fathers: John Towell and Michael Corr (Family Search – Latter Day Saints)

  29. Nathan says:

    Did you forget to add my great grandfathers name on this list?
    Alfred Percival Stokes
    I think so because it’s not on this and he was awarded DCM and gifted from the people of Jarrow with a gold watch for gallantry in action . Why isn’t his name on anything? Just wondering

  30. Ken Foster says:

    My great uncle John young taylor 1/5 NF Kia 26/10/1917 ,3rd Ypres. He was from Jarrow and his gmother was Anne Mullen ,on 1851 census as born in Ireland. Any relation to Vin Mullen?

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