Fancy a fight?

Ever heard of a Boxer’s Booth? Well I hadn’t until we were approached to accommodate a reproduction of a 19th century version for an event this year at Arbeia Roman Fort, South Shields.

Boxer’s Booths were set up at sites such as fairgrounds and a “boxer” would challenge the public to bare knuckle fights (drink was usually involved…say no more).  

Anyway, the reason I’m blogging about this is because Belsay Hall are touring their recreation of a Boxer’s Booth and Arbeia Roman Fort seems a perfect place to have it. I am therefore challenging you, the public, to mortal combat (ok, maybe not that extreme).

The artistic idea is to put on public “battles” using the booth. Given that it’s 2012 and we have the London Olympics, we are looking at holding the event some time in June to mark its launch.

Do you think you can sing better than your friend? If so, then come “fight” it out in the booth. Does Class 4A have a burning issue that they want to debate against Class 3C? Teachers- why not let let the public decide…?

Unfortunately we can’t “settle old scores” with real fights, but we can give you a platform for speaking, singing, music, drama (you catch my drift). If you want to find out more then get in touch with me (

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