Death of Death and Burial

We have got the chance to re-display one of the galleries in the museum, so while the site is closed for winter we have cleared the old Death and Burial Gallery.

First we took out all the small objects and the stones that could be carried by hand, and put them in temporary storage in the other gallery.

Then we had to get specialists in to move all the large altars, inscriptions and gravestones. First it was a matter of finding out how they had been attached back in 1980 when this gallery was last re-designed, and then they had to be lifted out using a little crane and placed on pallets. We managed – just – to fit them all in the other gallery along with the other objects.

We have made a list of what objects need to go back on display, what’s not going back, and what new objects are coming out of storage. We’ve worked out the basic framework of how we want the 70-odd objects grouped, and have handed it over to the designer. He now has to create an exciting new design incorporating all these objects, taking into account requirements regarding the care of the objects and visitor needs, plus the restrictions of the space and the amount of money available. No pressure there, then.

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