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The history of the building and the popularity of the Co-operative society means we have collected a lot of Co-op items.  We have recently accessioned a selection of paper ephemera items into the collection. 

This is one of the oldest dated 1913.  It is a brochure for one of the Newcastle Co-operative stores and shows examples of some of the clothing such as corsets and coats you could buy in this period.  It even includes a sample of cloth which the Co-op manufactured.

1913 Brochure TWCMS: 2011.1423

1913 Brochure TWCMS: 2011.1423

1913 Brochure TWCMS: 2011.1423

1913 Brochure TWCMS: 2011.1423

 This booklet from a 1924 exhibition contains pages and pages of adverts for cooperative products, items range from medicines to beauty products, clothing to homeware.

1924 Exhibition Brochure TWCMS: 2011.1410

1924 Exhibition Brochure TWCMS: 2011.1410

Exhibition Advertisement TWCMS: 2011.1410

Exhibition Advertisement TWCMS: 2011.1410

Co-operative products were very popular and items such as shoe polish, soap, clothing, and food would have been found in many North East households.  The factory in Pelaw was the manufacturer of the famous Pelaw Polish.  We have some of these items on display in our galleries.  See if you can spot them on your next visit to Discovery Museum.

3 Responses to Co op products

  1. Lis Spencer says:

    We are organising an event/exhibition at the Museum of Bath at Work in April looking at The Co-operative in the South West. I’m just wondering whether you have any artifacts that have a South West link and whether you have a loans policy?
    Best wishes
    Lis Spencer
    Co-operative and Membership Officer

  2. Kylea says:

    Hi Lis

    We just collect items connected to the Tyne & Wear area but may have some generic items that could be of interest. We do lend material out to other museums. My email address is if you would like to get in touch we can explore more.

    Best wishes


  3. Chris Jackson says:

    Hello, I am the secretary of Heaton History Group ( a local new history society) in Newcastle. We are planning a series of events (talks, exhibitions, teaching packs, trails, informal get-togethers etc) on the theme of Shops and Shopping in Heaton next year. There were at least 3 Coops in our catchment area: Heaton Road, Chillingham Road (both buildings are still there) and Newton Road (still open). I wondered whethe:

    A) you had any photos or other items which specifically relate to these stores
    B) anyone might be wiling to speak at one of our meetings in 2013 re the history of the coop movement, stores etc with particular reference to Tyneside/ Newcastle/ Heaton.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    Chris Jackson

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