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Growing our family offer

I’m really excited to have developed two new offers for Early Years, both of which are free and fairly flexible for people to drop into: Magic Carpet is a special artist-made bag that folds out into a creative playmat. It comes complete with… Read more

Exhibition Explorers – new adventures ahead!

As we approached the end of the pilot of Creative Baby! it became apparent to me that the offer for Early Years really needed to grow along with the rapidly expanding Early Years audience we’d attracted. The response to Creative Baby!… Read more

A foodie-themed ‘Creative Baby!’

The latest ‘Creative Baby!’ session focused on ‘Eat, Drink and Make Merry!’ – an exhibition depicting food, drink and celebration. Inspired by the music, food and costume depicted in the paintings, we presented sensory play opportunities for the babies, offering… Read more

Creative Baby!: The beginnings of an idea…

For my first blog post, I thought I’d give you some insight into how ‘Creative Baby!’ came about. This is a new monthly group I’ve developed for babies 0-12 months, which combines an exhibition tour, crafting activity, parachute games and… Read more