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I'm the Project Officer for the Hatton Offsite Programme which is running while the Hatton Gallery is closed for a major redevelopment due for completion in Sept 2017. The Programme consists of two elements designed to maintain the Hatton’s profile during its closure and promote the new development.

Showcase is a mobile art installation that interprets the Hatton’s history and collection, and will tour around several cultural venues in Newcastle and Gateshead. The Home & Belonging Project brings together local community groups from different cultural backgrounds to create their own response to the Merz Barn, the Hatton’s key work of international importance by the German artist Kurt Schwitters.

Prior to starting this position I was part of the TWAM Front of House team, working across several of our venues including the Hatton Gallery. My interests outside TWAM include snowboarding and climbing and I am an honorary member of the Dutch Mountain Rescue Team.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Kurt Schwitters and the Merz Barn Wall

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Showcase Shows Case for Paterson Pavilion

And the winner… …of the Hatton Showcase: Design For A Touring Pavilion 2017… …is…. Oh get on with it ….Toby Paterson! Cue shot of tearful artist receiving the crown and a kiss from last year’s winner before teetering down the… Read more

Putting The Hatton Hat On

‘I look ridiculous.’ ‘No you don’t, you look great.’ This brief call-and-response has been played out between myself and my partner many times over the years as she has repeatedly persuaded me, against my better judgement, to become ‘a man… Read more

The New Kids In Town

If you manage to make it past thirty without making a complete idiot of yourself (and for me that particular ship sailed and promptly sank some time ago) then you quickly learn that there is nothing sadder than someone of… Read more

Revitalizing the Hatton – what’s happening while we’re closed

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs that I’ll be writing about the redevelopment of the Hatton Gallery, and the Offsite Programme that will be running while the Hatton undergoes its eighteen months of renovation. Hopefully as Project… Read more