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Martin Routledge
Keeper of History

Martin is 49 years old and has worked at Sunderland Museum since 1984 and becoming Keeper of History in 2007. He read History at the University of Hull graduating in 1983. Since 2004, amongst other duties, he has been involved in projects to improve the facilities at Monkwearmouth Station Museum leading to the refurbishment of the venue in 2005 to 2007. The current project has involved him project managing on the Museum’s side the construction of a shelter building for the two railway wagons in the Sidings area and the restoration work on the wagons now complete. The final stage is the design and production of the displays, interactives and films now well in hand.

The Newbottle Waggon Rail Way Map

In August 2000 the museum was given a map of the ‘Newbottle Waggon Rail Way’ . This wagonway was built to transport coal in horse drawn wagons from John Newsham’s Newbottle Colliery to coal staiths on the River Wear at… Read more

Hudson For Ever!

Dan Snow’s History of Railways on BBC 2 recently featured the story of George Hudson ( Hudson was a man who became loathed by many, especially those who lost their money when the ‘Railway Mania’ bubble burst in in the… Read more

Monkwearmouth Station Bombed!

When first built there was a roof over the lines between the main building at Monkwearmouth Station and the Goods Yard on the west side. This roof provided shelter for the passengers waiting for their trains. On the night of… Read more

The Wagon Sheds finished and open!

After three years in the planning and creation, the Wagon Sheds were opened to the public on 22 October. One week later, on 29 October 2011, they were officially opened by former Sunderland MP and current Chair of the Heritage… Read more

The wagons out in the open for the last time before the Wagon Shed Opens on 22 October….

The fit out company came on site on Monday 17th October to install the displays and interactives. In order to protect the platform edge next to the Goods Brake Van so that people can get right up to it and… Read more