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Gill Scott is Exhibitions & Events Officer for South Shields Museum & Art Gallery and Arbeia Roman Fort in South Tyneside. If you have ever been to see any of the temporary exhibitions or participated in any of the events such as the Arbeia Festival then you will have witnessed Gill's work first-hand.

She originally trained as an Egyptologist, specialising in palaeopathology (the science of 'ancient suffering') and curated the Egyptology collections at the Great North Museum: Hancock before moving to South Shields for new projects and challenges there. Gill's interests are quite diverse (and sometimes macabre given her background) so the blog posts are usually quite varied!

Real or fake?

A while ago I came across this in the TWAM collections and a glance at the documentation doesn’t give many clues. It’s a slightly dubious looking Egyptian artefact with poorly engraved hieroglyphs on the back of each figure and a… Read more

Hieroglyphic conundrum

I have a great challenge for any hieroglyphic readers out there… Two years ago I did some work on the coffins of Irtyru, one of the Great North Museum: Hancock mummies using infra-red photography (with the help of my colleague,… Read more

Sing all about it!

“Gannin’ alang the Scotswood Road to see the Blaydon Races Olympic Torch” Now that the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has passed we look next to welcoming the Olympic flame to the region as part of its tour around the country in… Read more

Fashion for the uninitiated

I have to say, I’m a bit like Ugly Betty when it comes to dressing myself and having knowledge of the fashion world, so creating a fashion-inspired exhibition was a learning curve for me. ‘When art became fashion: the story… Read more

Fancy a fight?

Boxer’s booth for hire! Come an participate in an event with a difference at Arbeia Roman Fort this summer. Read more