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I am a postgraduate student in Newcastle University, studying Heritage Interpretation and Education. At the moment I am doing a placement with the Outreach team at Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums.

I love people, stories and everything that makes sounds and doesn’t bite. I was lucky enough to work for three years as a journalist; during that time a heard a thousand stories. I have also worked with diverse communities, people with dementia and people with mental health issues and I have, hopefully, managed to give them cultural materials to build on their confidence and creativity. Working with people is invigorating and benefits your soul.

The last few months I have started experimenting with sound. I work with the local communities in Ouseburn and Benwell and explore with them how the sounds of the past reflect their memories, what makes sound important to people and how we can use it best to interpret our heritage. I take people on memory soundwalks, I engage with them in long discussions and spend time searching for archives. I record people talking, craftmen working and trains crossing bridges. Sound recording can be lonely sometimes.

Follow this blog to see how my project in Benwell develops over time. Please share with me your thoughts and queries. I love noisy people.

Sounds of Benwell

The cobbler, the banger and the pigeons. ‘The ear is indolent and dull’, used to say Theodor Adorno in his essays about music. You can’t prevent yourself from listening to sounds; listening is such a passive activity. Sometimes it’s so… Read more

‘Audrey, next time I’ll come, I want you to remember me, OK?’

Audrey is around 85, she generally prefers to sit quietly in her wheelchair, but there are occasions when she speaks up; every time she speaks up, words become precious. The residents who live at Linskill Park Extra Care Scheme range… Read more