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I am Keeper of Archaeology at the Great North Museum where I am responsible for the archaeology and world cultures collections. I have a particular interest in all things Greek and Etruscan and enjoy traveling to sites and museums whenever I get the chance. I am also fascinated by Greek and Roman architecture and the way it has been used by later architects.

Worshipping Mithras in the Roman Empire. A guest post by Flora M. Kirk

My name is Flora Kirk. I am an Ancient Studies undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (USA). I have been on a Roman Society placement at the Great North Museum: Hancock for the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy… Read more

Wonder Woman and the Amazons

The recent release of the film Wonder Woman has raised interest in Amazons, fearless warrior women, who were more than capable of taking on their male equivalents in combat. Wonder Woman herself is an Amazon brought up on the island… Read more

John G. Watson and many, many coins. A Guest Post by Daniel Wood.

My name is Daniel Wood, I am currently studying an undergraduate History and Archaeology degree at Newcastle University. During the summer holidays I undertook an Archaeology-related fieldwork placement at the Great North Museum: Hancock in partnership with the Natural History… Read more

A Gold Daric Coin

Sometimes the smallest objects in the museum have the most interesting stories to tell. This small gold coin, for example, was one of the most significant coins in the Ancient World. It is called a daric after the Persian King… Read more

Letters from Sir Flinders Petrie in the Hancock Archive

Guest post by Doug Henderson The name ‘Sir Flinders Petrie’ is a powerful one in Egyptology. His work helped turn the field from a profession for wealthy amateurs into a respected discipline and earned him the nickname ‘The Father of… Read more