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Hi I’m the paintings conservator for TWAM. I am responsible for making sure all of the paintings throughout our venues are kept safely and are fit for exhibition. I check all paintings before they are sent out, and treat any that aren’t fit for display. This can range from glazing and fitting safely in their frames to full treatments with tear repairs cleaning and varnish removal.

I first became interested in painting conservation whilst living in Italy. I worked as a pavement artist doing copies of the old masters. I worked quite a lot in Mantova during the big Restoration of the Palazzo Ducale and every morning and evening I would pass by the students on scaffolding and we'd discuss the techniques they were using. I was fascinated, I had always been more interested in techniques and I became completely hooked.

I did my BA in Organic Conservation at Camberwell Collage and my MA in Painting Conservation here at Northumbria University, during which time me and my family fell in love with the North East.

Apart from my obvious obsession with paintings I also enjoy cooking, meditation, and anything that makes me laugh (which is quite a lot).

Divine company!

I’ve been busy working on the conservation of some of the old masters from the Hatton gallery for their new exhibition. some of the paintings are really old and really dirty. This painting is by de Wit and was painted… Read more

Marguerite hidden beneath 100 years of dirt

The Art for Sunderland Exhibition is designed to give an idea of what goes on behind the scenes in a museum. I was lucky enough to get to choose a painting to work on in gallery.   I chose ‘Marguerite… Read more

Stormy times

With the Exhibition of Siege and Storm at Discovery Museum came a rather challenging conservation job. This is how the painting came into the studio. some areas had had varnish removed and the canvas had started to detach from the… Read more

All Hands on Deck!

We have had a very busy time of it here in the painting conservation studio with two major new TWAM (Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums) exhibitions opening as well as some other fantastic travelling exhibitions to over see. Carol… Read more

Painting Conservation: the CSI of the Museum World

Welcome to the new Conservation blog. I am hoping to be able to give you a little insight into what is happening behind the scenes in the conservation studio. Usually when I introduce myself to people and tell them I’m… Read more