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Hi I’m the paintings conservator for TWAM. I am responsible for making sure all of the paintings throughout our venues are kept safely and are fit for exhibition. I check all paintings before they are sent out, and treat any that aren’t fit for display. This can range from glazing and fitting safely in their frames to full treatments with tear repairs cleaning and varnish removal.

I first became interested in painting conservation whilst living in Italy. I worked as a pavement artist doing copies of the old masters. I worked quite a lot in Mantova during the big Restoration of the Palazzo Ducale and every morning and evening I would pass by the students on scaffolding and we'd discuss the techniques they were using. I was fascinated, I had always been more interested in techniques and I became completely hooked.

I did my BA in Organic Conservation at Camberwell Collage and my MA in Painting Conservation here at Northumbria University, during which time me and my family fell in love with the North East.

Apart from my obvious obsession with paintings I also enjoy cooking, meditation, and anything that makes me laugh (which is quite a lot).

Would you Adam and Eve it!

The Shipley Art Gallery is currently celebrating its centenary and as part of the Centenary Exhibition some of the star objects have been displayed. I was asked to examine the painting by Joachim Wtewael called The Temptation of Adam and Eve.… Read more

The Hatton Collection is on the Move!

In March the Hatton Gallery closed for 18 months in order to modernise and improve its facilities, entailing a large amount of building work. In order to keep the collections safe during this period it will be necessary to remove all works… Read more

Conservation on Display

The conservation department have got together to show a sample of some of the work that we do in the studios across the venues several objects were conserved or part conserved for an exhibition which is on display on the… Read more

Nothing But Blue Skies From Now ON! (removal of some very Yellow varnish)

This year as a way of coping with a sharp reduction in Museum funding we are all being asked to find new ways of raising funds. This means that for the first time (in my memory at least) our Conservation… Read more

Summer Hols and Sandy Beaches

Summer has come at last and with it some new student placements from Northumbria University Conservation Course. It’s great to have new people to work  and exchange knowledge with. At the moment I have one student on placement and two ex… Read more