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Exhibition Explorers share their latest discoveries

Our Exhibition Explorers have been having a busy time getting out and about to all sorts of cultural venues this month! Here’s what they shared with us through the ‘Exhibition Explorers Encyclopaedia’ at their latest session: Fred brought us a… Read more

‘All Surface, All Form’: A Guest Post by Poet in Residence Joanne Clement

Last Winter, I began visiting the Shipley Art Gallery to familiarise myself with their collections whilst researching for my PhD. For the study, I am examining the engravings of Thomas Bewick to write a new collection of poems. As Bewick’s… Read more

What ever happened to Saltwell Park Museum? (Part 2)

Read Part 1 of What ever happened to Saltwell Park Museum? Saltwell Park Museum and Saltwell Towers have a close connection to another Gateshead building, the Shipley Art Gallery. Their stories are connected to another man who lived in the Towers… Read more

Trains, boats and dragons: some of our latest adventures in museums

As part of our research into Exhibition Explorers we’ve been chatting to some parents about their experiences of the ‘Family Adventure’ aspect of the project. This is where families are encouraged to visit a cultural venue between sessions, and bring… Read more

What ever happened to Saltwell Park Museum? (Part 1)

“Museums are most attractive when they, so to speak, are emerging from the egg. Upon reaching maturity they tend to magnificence and an awe inspiring plenitude of knowledge which causes one to surrender one’s superiority complex along with one’s umbrella”.… Read more