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Behind the Scenes at the Regional Museums Store

My mother recently acquired a full-size potter’s wheel. Making a mockery of the laws of physics she managed to get it into the back of her car and drive it home. The unstoppable mantra of the shopaholics ‘I love it.… Read more

“Turbinia” at speed – but who’s on the conning tower?

This iconic image of Turbinia conveys an impression of speed like no other. The rearing stem, the massive bow wave and the foaming ‘rooster’s tail’ wake all play their part, but perhaps the most unusual element for a maritime photograph… Read more

Behind the Scenes in the Science and Industry Stores

Last week I cleaned a German World War One Torpedo, found out what’s stored inside the drawer of an Electro Shock Therapy table, took photographs of an airplane engine and opened a wooden crate that had been sealed for over… Read more

Museums don’t just collect the ‘old stuff’…

My colleague Graham Bradshaw is currently managing a project called Science & Society. The aim is to accession objects into the collection that reflect the important role science plays in our lives today. Following discussions with our colleagues over the… Read more

Inspiration for working in Natural History

Working for a museum and working with their natural history collections is something that I have wanted to do since I left university. I did wander through the bird galleries of the old Hancock museum as a girl and marvel… Read more