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I’m Keeper of Art at the Laing Art Gallery. With my colleagues, I work with the collections of oil paintings, watercolours and sculpture, which include many important artworks. One of my favourite parts of the job is curating exhibitions and also displays from the collections, and trying to make sure visitors enjoy them as much as possible. Snatching some time to research pictures is really rewarding. There’s quite a lot of behind-the-scenes work on records, insurance, research, arranging transport and so on, as well as liaising with colleagues who help make these events possible. We play our part in making exhibition loans to other galleries, and many loans go to prestigious exhibitions in national galleries and abroad. I and my colleagues also work on widening access to the collections through web projects such as this.

Marc Chagall’s ‘Apocalypse in Lilac’: Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place on January 27th to remember the millions of victims of the Holocaust and other genocides around the world. This blog features pictures by three artists, working in very different styles, who were part of the… Read more

The Great Frost of 1784, Newcastle upon Tyne

In March 1784, Newcastle was still gripped by the frost and ice of an exceptionally hard winter. The frost and snow was so bad, said local historian John Sykes in 1824, that ‘the Tyne was three times frozen over in… Read more

Out of Chaos – art that makes you think

One of the important things in our lives is our idea of who we are and where we belong. But our settled sense of identity can be uncomfortably challenged by new situations and places. Güler Ates’ photograph dramatically conveys the feeling of… Read more

Chaïm Soutine, misfit artistic genius in 1930s Paris

Could anyone have better fitted the 20th-century archetype of an artist than Chaïm Soutine (1893–1943)? He was a temperamental social misfit who painted in a frenzy when inspiration struck him, at the same time creating an important new expressive style. Plus,… Read more

David Bomberg, Picasso, and the Whitechapel Boys

David Bomberg’s Ghetto Theatre (1920, © Ben Uri Collection) is one of the stand-out pictures in the Out of Chaos exhibition, which opens at the Laing Art Gallery on October 15th. The exhibition, which ranges over more than 100 years of art, has a strong showing by Bomberg and the… Read more