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I'm the Project Coordinator for the Willington Waggonway Research Programme.
My role involves working in partnership with experts in early railway history, conservation specialists and professional archaeologists.
The research programme will harness this resource and gather new evidence from the preserved remains to create a new body of knowledge. The aim of the project is to understand more of the formative history of the railway which became, and remains, one of the world’s most widespread technologies.
It’s a very exciting project to be involved with as the remains of the Willington Waggonway are of international significance!

When is a railway a railway?

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The Willington Waggonway Research Programme

You may remember the remains of a section of a wooden waggonway were discovered underneath the former Neptune Shipyard not far from Segedunum Roman Fort in the summer of 2013. Before being redeveloped, the site was investigated by archaeologists due… Read more