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Alex Croom
Keeper of Archaeology

I look after the archaeology collections of four museums within Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums. As we look after two Roman Forts, much of the material is Roman in date, but the rest covers everything from ancient Egypt to industrial archaeology of the late nineteenth century! Needless to say, I am particularly interested in the Romans, and love trying to find out more about their every-day lives.

H. F. S. Mackreth

Whilst I was researching the picture of John Hodgson for the Wall Face exhibition (on display at Segedunum Roman Fort) I was interested to find out that the painter of the original portrait used as the base for the published engraving,… Read more

Roman Bridge souvenirs

  Not souvenirs of a Roman bridge, but souvenirs made from a Roman Bridge! This object, thought to be a letter-opener, comes with a signed certificate to identify it as a souvenir made from wood recovered from the Roman bridge over the… Read more

Big altar, baby altar

The best artefact from the excavations at Arbeia this season is a small altar about 25cm tall. This is only the fourth small altar recovered from the site – there are two others without inscriptions, and one dedicated to Vitiris –… Read more

Bell-shaped studs

We have been busy changing the old Daily Life gallery in the museum at Arbeia into the brand new Amazing Finds gallery, which meant we had to take all the artefacts out of the room during the building work. Some of the objects… Read more

Bronze Age Burial

A request came in from Newcastle University to look at the human remains from the Bronze Age that we have in our collections for a project on Bronze Age burials. This required having a detailed look at some of the… Read more